B2B Social Listening & Monitoring

AI-powered social listening

Leverage powerful tools for social media monitoring and analysis to stay on top of conversations that impact your brand.

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Millions of posts, turned into actionable insights

Measure your brand equity, monitor customer feedback and track discussions around specific topics across all social channels.

Target audience

Zoom in on your existing and potential buyers to understand what matters to them the most, who they trust and how they make decisions.

Brand reputation

Protect your online reputation by tracking brand mentions and quickly reacting to them in real time to prevent a social media crisis before it begins.

Sentiment analysis

Understand how your company and products are perceived by customers, prospects and industry peers, using our sentiment and context analysis.

Relevant conversations

We automatically categorize the most important keywords and conversations around your brand to help you navigate the social web.

Competitor Analysis

Get the big picture with competitor tracking and benchmarking

Monitor and analyze social media accounts of your competitors and see how your online presence stacks up against industry leaders. Access competitor’s mentions and layer campaigns or brands to understand share of voice, comparative sentiment and more.

Comparing social media metrics
Influencer Marketing

Measure the impact of influencer marketing

Discover industry thought leaders and analyze how your social media influencers impact your organization’s marketing goals. Measure how each influencer is adding to the overall social reach, engagement and conversions.

Influencer marketing chart
Live Dashboards

Perfect social listening reports

Create and share live dashboards and PDF reports to keep your team updated on relevant social conversations. Easily customize your reports by layering specific accounts, keywords, hashtags or influencers to understand share of voice, comparative sentiment and more.

Trend Discovery

Unlimited, real-time business insights

Be the first to discover major trends in your industry and tailor your offerings to fulfill new market needs. Get unlimited, real-time social media intelligence, with QuickTrends.

Social media trends

Take the guesswork out of your marketing

Understand how your company and products are perceived by potential buyers and influence their opinions.

Data sources

Track brand mentions across social media as well as news websites, blogs and forums – more than 75 million websites in 115 languages, right from your dashboard.

Predictive analytics

Forecast your campaign performance and optimize results in real time, with our unique machine-learning prediction tool.

Spike activity

Never miss a spike in your trackers' activity with our intelligent notifications. Get notified when there is sudden activity or a mention with negative sentiment and take quick action.

Instant Sharing

Share your campaign results with your team, customers, partners and other stakeholders in real time, without them having to log in to the platform.

Influencer discovery

Discover new influencers that your audience is already following. Identify influential social profiles from the most engaging conversations relevant to your brand.

Custom URL tracking

Monitor where your audience is linking to from social media to stay up to date on your campaigns.

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