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Social Listening

AI-powered social listening

Track mentions of your brand, competitors, influencers, and industry trends on social media and millions of websites to elevate your strategy - all from one platform.

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Trend monitoring tool Trend monitoring tool

Cut through the noise

Tap into and quickly sift through millions of sources to understand the conversations around your brand, competitors, and industry to make informed decisions that impact your brand.


Analyze conversations from the four major social networks, including X, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube


Access news feeds and conversations from more than 75M unique websites


Search relevant conversations in over 115 different languages

Brand Awareness

Inform your content strategys

Track brand mentions to understand buyer sentiment and audience perceptions. Leverage valuable insights to optimize your content strategy and make informed decisions that foster trust and positive recognition with your audience.

People comparing social media metrics

Influencer Marketing

Discover influencers and industry thought leaders

Easily identify and engage with influencers and thought leaders in your industry to build meaningful connections for your brand. Use out-of-the-box social listening reports to find influential individuals by sentiment, following, and engagement.

Influencer marketing chart Influencer marketing chart

Competitor Analysis

Stay ahead of the curve

Follow competitors, track your share of voice, and gain valuable insights to help you make informed decisions that elevate your content strategy and engagement approach.

Comparing social media metrics
Smart Notifications Smart Notifications

Smart Notifications

Protect your brand reputation

Catch potential crises early and prevent them from escalating with smart notifications that automatically detect changes in volume and sentiment on topics related to your brand.


Stay on top of trends

Easily track and organize conversations from multiple accounts and social media networks to monitor relevant conversations, stay ahead of trends, and engage with your community in real time.

Real time monitoring conversations

More in social listening

See what else Oktopost has in store to power up your brand strategy.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand how audiences perceive your brand, products, and services with our sentiment analysis.

Sharable Reports

Create and share social listening reports to update your team on relevant social conversations.

Audience Targeting

Track conversations by specific demographics to understand sentiment and improve your go-to-market strategy.

Advanced Filters

Instantly analyze any subset of conversations around specific topics to compare trends and share of voice.

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