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Social Analytics

Transform your decision-making with powerful dashboards

Use Oktopost to easily track key performance indicators and make smarter decisions that propel your social media strategy with our advanced social business intelligence solution.

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Social Media Analytics Platform Social Media Analytics Platform

Revenue Attribution

Tie social to revenue growth

Track the buyer's journey and understand how every marketing campaign, advocacy program, and social media initiative impacts revenue. Report on any social media engagement with your brand and easily tie it to business opportunities.

Revenue Attribution
Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Drive your content strategy forward

Easily analyze the engagement of your content across every channel and understand how posts, campaigns, and topics resonate with your audience to drive your content strategy.

Employee Advocacy

Measure the impact of employee advocacy

Track the success of your advocacy program, from employee adoption to business impact, all in one place. Understand how your employees engage with the program, analyze the performance of the content they share, and demonstrate ROI.

Social media engagement pie chart Social media engagement pie chart

Social Performance

Analyze your paid social media campaigns

See how your organic channels stack up against paid social media. Access ad performance and engagement metrics and create custom reports to quickly understand the impact of all your paid and organic social media campaigns.

Social media post analytics
Person tracking conversations

Customer Care

Track conversations around your brand

Understand how your brand is being mentioned, on which channels, and how your team responds and engages in each conversation to enhance your brand communication strategy.


Gain valuable insights into your social audience

Easily monitor follower and subscriber growth, audience demographics, and sentiment to better understand your audience and provide valuable insights into your marketing strategy.

Audience analytics charts

Social business intelligence

See all the tools that Oktopost provides you to communicate the value of social.

Report Builder

Build custom reports using our powerful builder with more than a dozen unique visualization options to gain valuable insights faster.

Custom Dashboards

Create and share unique dashboards that track key performance indicators and tell your brand story.

Report Gallery

Access dozens of premade reports and recommended dashboards designed by our B2B social media experts.

TV Dashboards

Showcase any dashboard on TV monitors with an optimized view that automatically rotates reports for everyone to see.

BI Integrations

Connect your social media reports with business intelligence tools such as Looker Studio, Power BI, Tableau, and more to share social media insights with your colleagues.

AI Insights

Leverage our AI-powered contextual analysis to gain deeper insights into the performance of your social media content.

Sharable Reports

Easily export and share any report in a presentation-ready format such as PDF, PPT, and XLS to promote transparency and encourage collaboration.

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