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Social Media Analytics Platform

Transform your decision making with Social BI

Establish your social media ROI and measure the impact of every post, network and campaign on your bottom line.

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Dashboard Builder

Track metrics that are most meaningful to you

Tailor Oktopost's analytics to your needs and track data that matters to your business. Build custom dashboards in minutes to get a 360-degree view of your social performance, audience, ROI and more – with charts, maps, tables and other visual components.

Social media dashboards builder

Tie social to revenue growth

Get insights into your buyer’s journey on social media, analyze how your strategy contributes to demand generation and attribute new leads to specific campaigns, posts and social profiles.

Social media funnel

Discover what content truly resonates on social media

Measure and analyze clicks, reactions, comments, shares and other engagement metrics to quickly optimize your campaigns, identify top-performing content and grow your social media presence.

Social media engagement pie chart
Social Audience Insights

Meet your social media audience

With Oktopost, you can monitor follower growth, click demographics and brand mentions to learn something new about your social audiences and recognize social trends ahead of the competition.

Social media clicks by country
Employee Advocacy

Unlock the full potential of employee advocacy

Gain a complete overview of your employee advocacy engagement data to inform your program strategy, track results and prove ROI, with deep insights into content performance, employee engagement and more.

Social media post analytics

Social media reporting simplified

Share social data with your team and stakeholders as presentation-ready PDF, PowerPoint or CSV reports that demonstrate acquisition, engagement and audience insights. Schedule customized data export to integrate social data with your BI tools.

Beyond social analytics

More tools to help you get the most value out of your social media analytics.

Post-level data

Identify top-performing links, keywords, multimedia and hashtags to optimize your social media strategy.


Analyze and report on social assignments to identify gaps and improve your response time.

Data portability

Leverage social engagement data across platforms to understand and optimize the buyer journey.


Filter your social data based on campaigns, tags, links, networks, teams, advocates and more.


Integrate social analytics into your wider business data to get better insights into your growth and engagement.

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