Establish your
social media ROI

Measure the impact of every post, network, and campaign with rich social media analytics – designed to reach your B2B marketing goals.

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Lead Attribution

Track lead generation on social

With Oktopost's social media analytics, you can understand the full lead journey by attributing leads to specific social posts, channels, profiles, and campaigns.

Social lead attribution
ROI Calculator

Quantify your social media success

The value of social media marketing in B2B isn’t always clear. Assign a money value to every activity to establish your true social media ROI.

Social media roi
Engagement Metrics

Understand what truly resonates

Deepen your social media insights by tracking clicks, comments, shares, and more, with simplified graphs and charts.

Social engagement metrics
Audience Insights

Discover new audience trends

Measure follower growth, mentions, and click demographics to recognize trends in social engagement and content performance.

Social audience analytics
Post-Level Analytics

Optimize your social media strategy

View top-performing links, keywords, multi-media, and hashtags to constantly improve your social content and practices.

Social post analytics
Employee Advocacy

Monitor employee advocacy results

Gain a complete overview of your employee advocacy strategy with unlimited insights on employee engagement, content performance, and ROI.

Employee advocacy
Social data integration
Data Portability

Leverage social data across platforms

Automatically connect social media data with your marketing automation, CRM, and BI platforms to understand the buyer journey across every channel.

Social reports
Powerful Reporting

Export social media reports

Turn your social media analytics into professional reports that demonstrate clicks, conversions, and engagement metrics.

Business Intelligence integration
BI Integration

Uncover deeper insights

Whether you’re using Excel or an enterprise BI solution, centralize all of your social media analytics from Oktopost to ensure consolidated reporting.

Certiport Generates a 386% Increase in Conversions

Craig Bushman

VP Marketing

"Oktopost plays an integral part in helping us be more effective at marketing and measuring ROI. We are pleased to announce that within one quarter of using Oktopost, we generated a 39% increase in clicks and a 386% increase in trackable conversions"

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Explore Learning Generates a Staggering 800% Click-to-Post Rate

Justin Kirkland

eMarketing Manager

"Oktopost has simplified and expanded the level of reporting we're able to accomplish across campaign planning, posting, and measurement. We've been able to see which campaigns are performing well and focus more on improving the timing and messaging of our content."

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Cta graphic

Tie social media to your B2B marketing goals

Finally, you can prove the real value of social media to your B2B enterprise with Oktopost's unlimited social media analytics!

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