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Social Customer Engagement

Streamline customer care across social media

Deliver smarter and faster customer care on multiple channels and empower your team with the tools to create a truly personalized experience.

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Social Customer Care Social Customer Care
Social Inbox

Social Inbox

Engage with customers from one inbox

Bring every mention, comment, and direct message from your organic and paid social media channels into one unified inbox to ensure timely follow-ups.

Social CRM

Provide an exceptional customer experience

Deliver personalized communication with customers across multiple channels. Our Social CRM enables you to see the interaction history of people and accounts who have engaged with your brand and connect it to your CRM and marketing automation platform for a seamless customer experience.

Social CRM
Assignments Assignments


Enhance teamwork and collaboration

Assign social media conversations to relevant team members, leave notes and mentions, and collaborate to ensure customers get fast, accurate, and personal responses.

Social Reports

Track your team's responses

Measure how your team responds to conversations across multiple channels to improve response times and identify potential bottlenecks.

Track your team's responses
Social media integrations diagram


Connect social media to your service desk

Assign social media conversations to your customer support team. Oktopost allows you to connect your Salesforce Service Cloud and other service desks seamlessly without leaving the platform.

More in social customer care

See what else Oktopost has in store to set your social customer care team up for success.

AI Assist

Save countless hours replying to social conversations using our built-in AI Assist.

Conversation Tags

Create and assign custom tags to measure and track social conversations.

Smart Filters

Reduce the noise by using our smart filters to focus on the conversations that matter most.

Audit Trail

Get complete visibility into how your team members respond and interact in every social conversation.

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