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Marketing Teams

Social media management for B2B marketers

Oktopost empowers marketing teams to manage social media efficiently, providing tools for collaborative content creation at scale, enhancing brand visibility, and delivering measurable business outcomes.

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Marketing Teams
Built for marketing teams

Built for marketing teams

Allow your entire team to thrive with an easy-to-use yet powerful platform to achieve their social media and marketing goals.

Social Media Managers

Streamline content scheduling and understand audience engagement with a user-friendly platform.

Marketing Managers

Effortlessly coordinate team collaboration and track ROI, aligning social media with overall marketing objectives.

Marketing Executives

Gain valuable insights into social media's business impact, supporting data-driven decisions and demonstrating social media's contribution to revenue and brand growth.

Take social beyond corporate channels

Inspire employees across your organization to share marketing content and leverage their collective reach to amplify brand awareness with a built-in employee advocacy solution.

People with different social media channels

Level up your martech stack
with social

Enhance customer experience and maximize social media potential by connecting Oktopost data into CRM, marketing automation, and business intelligence tools.

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What our customers love about Oktopost

"Utilizing the content sourcing tool, along with an intuitive campaign structure, allows the user to fully understand what messaging is working and replicate success."

David R

Social Media Marketing Manager

"It's a strategic tool to effectively scale awareness, brand attributions and pipeline generation."

Louise R

Global Content & Social Media Manager

"I can gather data results on how our social content is performing by using the Analytics section in Oktopost."

Valerie C

Marketing Operations Coordinator

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