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Employee Advocacy Platform

Amplify your social reach

Oktopost makes employee advocacy an effortless, measurable, and rewarding experience for B2B marketers and employees alike.

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Advocacy Board

All your content in one place

Give your employee advocates an intuitive tool to easily discover, filter, recommend and share pre-approved company content to their personal social profiles, amplifying your company’s reach beyond corporate channels.

Social media messages board
Fully Integrated

2-in-1 employee advocacy and social media management

Oktopost is the only employee advocacy tool that is seamlessly connected with your social media management platform, providing shared workflows, campaigns and reporting to help your social team save time and stay productive.

Social media messages management screen

Get employees excited about sharing your content

Turn advocacy into a more satisfying experience and motivate employees to become top advocates. With Oktopost's Leaderboard, your team can see their performance metrics, identify top advocates and engage in a friendly competition.

Social media sharing leaderboard

Tailor your board to every advocate

Your employees have different interests and want to share different content – in Oktopost, you can segment posts by topics and make it easier for them to filter and discover the most compelling content.

Employees taking a selfie for social media

Build the best social advocacy program together

Allow your employees to contribute ideas and recommend relevant content for your program. Suggestions help engage your team in a meaningful way and identify content that your advocates want to share with their audiences.

User suggesting a social media message

Connect advocacy to your B2B goals

From reach to clicks to conversions, Oktopost empowers marketers to quantify the contribution of employee advocacy to brand amplification, lead generation and other B2B marketing objectives.

Measuring top engaging posts

Beyond employee advocacy

More tools to set your team up for success and help your social advocacy program reach for the stars.

Multimedia support

From LinkedIn posts to Instagram Stories, your advocates can share rich media content, including images, videos, GIFs and more.


With Oktopost, employees can schedule social posts in advance to save time and share more.

Custom branding

Make sure your employees won’t miss a single post, with branded email notifications and more.

Self sign-up

Onboarding has never been so easy: advocates can sign up to your board using an invitation link.


Quickly approve company content with the stakeholders before it goes to your advocacy board.

Mobile app

Let your team share content on the go and from anywhere to make it a convenient experience for everyone.

Banned keywords

Reduce your social media risks by banning the use of specific words and phrases in advocates’ posts.

Multiple boards

Create multiple boards inside a single account to share advocacy content for different brands, teams or languages.


Integrate your advocacy board with Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Yammer and other platforms.

Supported networks

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