Amplify your social reach. Grow your funnel.

Oktopost makes employee advocacy an effortless, measurable, and rewarding experience for marketers and employees alike.

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Advocacy Board

Simplify content sharing

Give employee advocates an intuitive tool where they can easily discover, filter, and share pre-approved content to their personal networks anywhere, anytime – via desktop or mobile app.

Employee Leaderboard

Drive high employee participation

Gamification is key to getting employees highly involved. Allow advocates to easily view clicks and shares generated by their peers, while identifying top brand ambassadors.

Gain rich employee advocacy insights & reports

Performance Insights

Examine your program from above

From reach to clicks, and lead generation quantify the contribution of employee advocacy to your overall social media objectives.

Activity Metrics

Zoom in on employee performance

Some employees are more active than others. Identify the key program leaders and understand which content resonates with employees and their networks.

Data Portability

Leverage employee advocacy data

Seamleselly share employee advocacy data with your marketing automation and CRM platform to effectively score, nurture, and attribute leads.

Make employees your biggest marketing asset

Discover how Oktopost is helping global B2B brands maximize their social ROI by launching, scaling, and expanding a world-class employee advocacy program.

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