Oktopost Integrates with TikTok to Scale B2B Social Media Management. Read all about it!

Increase brand visibility and generate revenue with social media

Oktopost is bringing you the best B2B social marketing tech on the market.

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Streamline social media management

Maximize your social visibility across all major networks with our powerful social publishing tools. Organize and share your content at scale around specific campaigns for simplified management and improved measurement.

Amp up your social selling through employee advocacy

Provide your sales team with high-quality content that can help connect with the right prospects on social media. With Oktopost's employee advocacy tool, you can gain full visibility into the buyer’s journey, understand what content converts and notify opportunity owners when their leads engage with social posts.

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Bring in top talent with the right employer branding

Promote your company culture through your employees’ networks and attract top candidates on social media where 59% of job seekers research their future employers.

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Measure the true impact of social

Access actionable insights to understand how social affects your sales pipeline and helps meet your B2B marketing goals. Oktopost Analytics, from conversion to ROI, measure the true impact of every post, network, and campaign, allowing you to attribute new opportunities to social media.

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Discover your social audience

Oktopost's People Database is a powerful tool for demand generation on social media.

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Lead generation

Track and convert leads that engage with your brand on social media.

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Social attributing

Identify leads that came from social media channels to prove your ROI.

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Customer experience

Enhance your customer interactions with social data.

Leverage social data across your marketing stack

You can seamlessly integrate social engagement data with your other platforms, including CRM, marketing automation, and Google Analytics, to learn more about your buyers and personalize your marketing communication.

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