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How AVEVA Leveraged Social Media Management to Boost Engagement by 106%

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Technology & Software
Cambridge, UK
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Increase in engagements for corporate social
Increase in link clicks due to employee advocacy
Higher reach with employee advocacy


Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, AVEVA is a global leader in industrial software, seeking to drive responsible use of the world's resources. Their secure industrial cloud platform serves over 20,000 enterprises in 100 countries, who rely on AVEVA to help them deliver life's essentials, including energy, food, and medicine. By providing trusted information and AI-driven insights, AVEVA enables teams to enhance efficiency, optimize operations, and foster growth and sustainability.

The Challenge

On a mission to simplify their social media management efforts, AVEVA set out to find a tool that could help them effectively plan, schedule, and publish social media content across multiple networks.

Additionally, the marketing team faced challenges with accurately measuring the results of their social strategy. With numerous stakeholders in the business requesting content around multiple stories and initiatives, the team found that they had a lot of great content to share, but were lacking insights into what resonated most with their audience. They wanted to understand how each post performed so they could make data-driven decisions and select the content that would yield optimal results. Therefore, they sought a solution with robust analytics features to boost their engagement on social media.

As well as publishing and measuring content, AVEVA's team wanted to implement a successful employee advocacy program to maximize their brand reach and visibility. Since a key component of AVEVA's content strategy revolves around organic content, they found their reach was restricted, especially with LinkedIn's algorithm, which favors content shared by individuals over brands. With an employee advocacy program, AVEVA could boost lead generation from social media by reaching a wider audience.

The Oktopost Solution

Effective and streamlined social media management

Oktopost has proved to be an indispensable tool for AVEVA in managing their social media content efficiently. The platform allows AVEVA to plan and schedule posts in advance across multiple social media networks, all from one centralized dashboard, eliminating the need to manually schedule posts every day.

Oktopost's publishing capabilities also proved invaluable during social campaigns, such as their flagship annual conference, AVEVA World. In the lead-up to the event, the marketing team at AVEVA utilized Oktopost's platform to pre-schedule up to 20 pieces of corporate and advocacy content a day, across multiple social media platforms. This kept their accounts active with a continuous and timely flow of updates throughout the event week.

The flexibility of Oktopost freed up the marketing team's time and allowed them to focus on capturing and publishing more content, live on the ground. They used the mobile app to post updates, photos, and videos to their social media in just a few taps, allowing them to showcase the event in real time. Employing Oktopost to pre-schedule and post content on the go helped them maximize their social strategy, and cut the time it took to publish content across the event by 50%.

Oktopost was instrumental in our flagship event's success this year. With efficient content management, advanced planning, community engagement, and social advocacy features, it enabled us to generate significant buzz. We posted 17-18 pieces of diverse content daily, timed perfectly with key event moments. The flexibility to post live updates on-the-go via the mobile app added an extra layer of immediacy. Oktopost effectively tackled our event challenges and delivered exceptional results. Matt Churchill, Director of Social Media and Content at AVEVA

Robust metrics and reporting for a successful social strategy

Oktopost's metrics and analytics solutions have equipped AVEVA with data-driven insights to inform strategy decisions as well as provide a clear, accurate overview of their social performance.

With Oktopost we can get a cohesive view of both our network performance and advocacy, which is really important. This helps us understand the full picture of our content performance, enabling us to build a long-term, audience-centric content strategy. Matt Churchill, Director of Social Media and Content at AVEVA

Choosing to focus on reach and engagement metrics, the marketing team at AVEVA was able to tune into which content topics and asset types resonated best with certain audiences and tailor their strategy accordingly. With abundant content requests from various stakeholders, these metrics helped the team pinpoint high-performing content, suggest areas for improvement, and refine their content pipeline by proving which content was most valuable. This data within Oktopost inspired a new content strategy for the AVEVA team, enabling them to prioritize quality over quantity.

From a reporting perspective, Oktopost has helped us tighten up our approach to measurement. The ability to export all of the data from Social BI helps us get into the detail of how our content is performing. It made measuring our social media content's business impact much more seamless. Matt Churchill, Director of Social Media and Content at AVEVA

Amplified brand awareness with employee advocacy

Implementing Oktopost's employee advocacy platform noticeably increased AVEVA's brand awareness and social media reach, making it a key business priority.

They found that if their employees share content with their social network of peers in similar professions, their posts are more likely to reach the right people and be valued as a trusted source of information. Since implementing employee advocacy, AVEVA has successfully reached new, engaged audiences and enhanced social media brand visibility. This has also helped them navigate the complexities of LinkedIn's algorithm, which favors an individual's content over corporate brand content.

The value of advocacy is seen across the business as well. AVEVA's sales professionals have embraced the program to enhance their social selling strategies, leveraging social media to build connections and attract high-quality leads. To widen the pool of advocates across the company, the marketing team has encouraged friendly competition to motivate employees to participate with Oktopost's leaderboard.

The Results

By using Oktopost, AVEVA was able to seamlessly manage their social media activity. The ability to streamline social media management from one platform saved the team time and enhanced their social strategy during high-demand periods, such as their flagship event.

Armed with Oktopost's advanced analytics, the marketing team at AVEVA was able to make measurable improvements to their social strategy. By unveiling top-performing content with Oktopost, the team continuously created content that resonated with their audience. By decreasing the number of posts by 45%, they saw an impressive 106% increase in engagements. As well as this, the ease at which they could switch between corporate and advocacy data allowed them to gain an insightful overview of the performance of their strategy.

Moreover, leveraging Oktopost's employee advocacy platform has proved invaluable in amplifying brand reach while navigating the complexities of visibility with organic content. Compared to their corporate accounts, which totaled 332K followers, advocacy enabled AVEVA to reach two times more people, as their combined advocates' following totals to an impressive 701K audience. This led to AVEVA seeing a 48% increase in link clicks over the past year from employee advocacy, driving more traffic to their website and boosting their lead generation efforts.

To amplify their success, AVEVA's marketing team is looking to maximize the benefits of integrating Oktopost's social engagement signals with their technology stack. By leveraging these capabilities, their revenue team can access social media insights, which allows for more informed interactions with prospects, boosts business opportunities, and has a direct positive effect on the organization's financial performance.

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