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Contentsquare Builds Effective WFH Workflows for Social Media

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Contentsquare is the leading experience analytics platform empowering brands to deliver better digital experiences. The company is on a mission to give every team the ability to measure how their actions affect the user experience across all digital channels. Armed with unique behavioral insights, an intuitive visual interface and a passion for democratizing data, Contentsquare has given more than 700 enterprises a deeper understanding of customer behavior online.

Finding the Perfect Solution for Distributed Team

Contentsquare's marketing department is a global operation that includes both co-located and remote teams. Before, the company's social media schedule was often created without much coordination between teams.

Everyone with access to the previous social media management platform would just log in and post. There was no real process built into it, which resulted in different social strategies for different languages, occasional duplicate content, lack of targeting and other unfortunate things that kept Contentsquare's marketers from yielding exceptional results from social.

After a major acquisition in 2019, Contentsquare decided to revitalize its social media marketing. The first step was to find a new SMM platform that would help solve existing issues and capitalize on the brand's extended social audience. The second step - to implement a consistent brand voice across all social channels in all regions and languages.

Implementing a Better Workflow Powered by Oktopost

Oktopost has provided Contentsquare with a powerful platform for developing and maintaining a company-wide social calendar. Our platform has also helped support and amplify content, globally and locally, as well as to track success and adjust the company's social strategy as needed.

For us, Oktopost was critical to the new social strategy coming in. We couldn't build what we envisioned and turn social into a touchpoint in our influenced pipeline without the platform capabilities.

Social Calendar & Approval Process

Instead of running social media marketing individually out of regions, Contentsquare created teams inside Oktopost, with tailored access to social channels, and set up approval workflows.

Today, all posts created by the US, UK, French and German teams are getting approved by the channel owner, Contentsquare's global digital content manager, who makes sure that the schedule is balanced and the content is going out at the right times for the right audiences.

Executive Advocacy Has Never Been Easier

Another ongoing task for the marketing team is content management for C-suite social media profiles. While Oktopost offers a way to connect and manage personal profiles within our publishing module, executive advocacy is another take on it.

Most of Contentsquare's advocates are C-level executives who use the Oktopost employee advocacy board to amplify company content across their extensive professional networks. It's really easy, with tools like our mobile app, autoscheduling, content suggestions and more - ultimately giving the executive team more control over what is getting posted.

So far the feedback from the C-level advocates has been great: "It's a lot less effort and time than I thought it was going to be". After seeing amazing results both in terms of usage and effectiveness, Contentsquare is committed to expanding its executive advocacy program in 2020.

Effective WFH Social Media Management with Oktopost

Oktopost has become mission-critical to Contentsquare's new social strategy. Before implementing it, social metrics were very up and down based on the way people were posting across the business. Today, the engagement rates are consistently higher than before, between 4.5-5%.

Our global digital marketing function is run remotely, not out of a single office. A lot of B2B tech nowadays is run the same way. Oktopost really helps bring that global structure into one central place and gives us a single point of view of everything: analytics, content creation, scheduling, timing. Our social strategy wouldn't work without Oktopost.

Even more important than engagement is how social media channels have become a measurable touchpoint in Contentsquare's multi-touch attribution model.

With Oktopost, the company can finally see how customers and prospects are interacting with the brand on social - this data will make a difference in how the team attributes revenue to marketing channels. Oktopost's features, such as the People Database and HubSpot integration, will allow Contentsquare to take maximum advantage of the social media touchpoint going forward.

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