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DISCO Sees a 400% Surge in Conversions from Social Media with Oktopost

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DISCO is the leading provider of ediscovery solutions for law firms, corporations, and government agencies around the world. With technology and services that automate and simplify complex and error-prone tasks that distract from practicing law, DISCO empowers lawyers and their teams to effectively manage discovery processes.


When exploring social media marketing solutions, DISCO vetted and trialed several tools, but none seemed to be the right fit. Each platform it tested met its needs only partially: one was lacking the social publishing capabilities it required, while another didn't have advocacy. Using multiple tools to achieve its goals - boost website traffic and generate leads - proved to be taxing and time-consuming for the team.

Another gap DISCO was looking to fill was social reporting. The previous tool used by the company didn't provide in-depth reporting, nor did it analyze B2B-relevant metrics, such as clicks and conversions. This meant that to get a granular view of its social media performance, the team had to go on each network separately to extract the data and then spend more valuable time analyzing it. In addition to being inefficient, this prevented the team from understanding the ROI of their social media activities and their contribution to revenue pipeline.


Oktopost provided us with a single solution for all our social media marketing needs, in one easy-to-use platform. With Oktopost, we were able to get started on our own, without extensive training. This is as true for social media management as it is for advocacy: advocates felt they could learn it quickly and just start sharing. Everyone loved using it.

One-Stop Shop Platform

In Oktopost, DISCO found a unified platform that simplified its social media marketing tasks. Complete with sophisticated scheduling, social listening and content curation capabilities, it catered to all of its social media management needs.

The combination of Oktopost's social media management platform with its employee advocacy capabilities created a "one-stop-shop" that allowed the company to spend less time on the day-to-day maintenance tasks and focus more on content optimization and strategic planning.

Superior B2B Reporting Capabilities

With Oktopost, DISCO gained advanced social media analytics of its activity, obtaining in-depth insights into the performance of each campaign and every message, across all social networks.

This data allowed the company to optimize its social media and advocacy efforts. With the integrated analytics dashboard of company and advocacy content, DISCO is able to go into the smallest details, discovering which content is best suited for each channel - corporate or advocacy - and then add more similar content to the respective channel to recreate this success.

In addition, the analytics provided by Oktopost's B2B platform has enabled DISCO's marketing team to report on their KPIs and present social media results to the company's CMO, proving the true value of social media marketing.


Since implementing Oktopost's unified platform, DISCO, a Pardot user, was able to put its social media activity in high gear and bring significant efficiency into the process. As a result, the company has seen a 117% leap in posting volume on social media.

This growth has led to tangible outcomes: DISCO was able to drive 91% more visitors to its website from social media, with website sessions up by a whopping 70%. Lead generation received a considerable boost through the company's social media efforts: conversions from social media surged by 400% since the adoption of Oktopost.

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