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DKSH Sees a 100% Increase in Leads with the Oktopost-Eloqua Integration

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Zurich, Switzerland
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DKSH is the leading market expansion services provider with a focus on the Asia Pacific. The company helps businesses grow across the healthcare, consumer goods, performance materials and technology sectors. DKSH's service portfolio covers sourcing, market insights, marketing and sales, eCommerce, distribution and logistics as well as after sales services. Publicly listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange, the company operates in 36 markets, with 33,350 specialists generated net sales of CHF 11.6 billion in 2019.

Tracking and Measuring Demand Gen on Social Media

In 2019, after Oracle announced the decision to sunset Social Cloud, one of their former customers, DKSH, started looking for a new enterprise social media management platform that would cater to the needs of a multinational B2B organization.

The main objectives of DKSH's social marketing strategy are brand amplification and demand generation, so the company needed a platform with powerful social analytics capabilities to track and measure relevant KPIs such as social traffic, conversions and engagement.

In addition to analytics and reporting, DKSH wanted to have a tool for assigning social media inquiries to local market representatives who would need to log in to the platform and respond in a local language.

Connecting Social Engagement Data with Marketing Automation

In addition to meeting the main requirements, i.e. robust analytics and social customer care tools, Oktopost offers a powerful Eloqua integration. It was clear to the decision-makers at DKSH that the Oktopost-Eloqua integration provides a more holistic way of measuring social media marketing efforts and translating social metrics into relevant business data.

Powerful Analytics and Reporting

Most of the DKSH's social posts link to thought leadership pieces and success stories on the company's website. The social team aims to highlight the value of the articles and increase traffic to these pages, where website visitors can fill out a subscription form.

With Oktopost, DKSH can monitor these form conversions and attribute them to social channels. Oktopost allows users to define a conversion goal as a specific action taken by website visitors and track the buyer's journey originated on social.

The DKSH's marketing team also enjoys our streamlined reporting that allows them to focus on specific activities, campaigns, channels and KPIs. Using multiple filters, Oktopost users can create exportable reports that help demonstrate the value of their work, from acquisition to engagement and more.

Seamless Integration with Eloqua

Oktopost has enabled DKSH to see social media as an independent customer engagement channel that can drive revenue and bring valuable data. Today, when 75% of B2B customers use social media to make purchasing decisions, companies can no longer afford to ignore it.

Seamlessly integrated with Eloqua, Oktopost automatically matches and pushes social engagement data to existing contacts as custom objects. DKSH's marketing team can segment, score and attribute leads as well as add contacts to drip campaigns based on their social intent.

After setting up this integration, which can be done in a few easy steps within Oktopost, DKSH has started monitoring how their leads interact with the brand on social media - and whether or not this data should be pushed to Eloqua.

Like most B2B companies, DKSH has a long sales cycle, therefore every new bit of information matters. Social intent data gives the company a real-time understanding of what the buyers are interested in and which topics spark conversation.

Fast and Reliable Customer Care

Another dimension of DKSH's social strategy is customer care. More and more B2B companies are recognizing social media as one of the main customer communication channels. But providing high-quality customer support natively on the networks can be challenging.

Oktopost brings every mention, comment and direct message from all social media profiles into one place, where DKSH can manage, reply, and assign social inquiries to team members.

With almost 20% of DKSH's social content posted in languages other than English, customers and prospects often comment, mention or DM using their local language. The marketing team can quickly assign these inquiries to local representatives inside Oktopost and monitor each conversation with full auditability.

Proving the Impact of Social Media on the Bottom Line

Our website traffic from social media has increased by 60% compared to the same period last year. We're able to make such a concentrated effort promoting our thought leadership content thanks to Oktopost that allows us to measure, prove and grow the impact of social media as part of our global marketing strategy.

With Oktopost, DKSH is finally able to measure how social impacts their bottom line and to successfully manage a growing social media presence.

Six months into using the platform, the company already has an optimistic projection for the next year. DKSH's marketing team expects to see at least 20% annual growth in social traffic, with a positive trend of increasing both social media engagement and conversions.

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