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How Finastra Bolstered Employee Advocacy Success with Oktopost

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Financial Services
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Meet Finastra

Trusted by over 8,000 financial institutions, Finastra is a global leader in software solutions for financial services known for its innovation and commitment to open finance. Serving 45 out of the world's top 50 banks, it offers award-winning software in sectors such as lending, payments, treasury and capital markets, and universal banking. Because 95% of innovation happens outside of an organization, Finastra provides its customers connectivity to marketplaces, partners, and fintechs through our open platform, orchestrating the future of financial services.

The Challenge

Finastra faced several challenges in its social media management strategy. Firstly, their marketing team grappled with fragmented social media management, utilizing multiple tools for various aspects such as publishing, advocacy, and social listening. This disjointed approach resulted in inefficiencies and a lack of cohesion in their efforts.

Another challenge was fostering the adoption of employee advocacy, necessitating training and incentives to encourage active participation from employees across different business units. Their goal was to encourage as many people as possible to participate in an employee advocacy program, thereby increasing their reach and share of voice across the financial services industry. Centralizing content and making it accessible to their advocates was essential to the success of this program.

The Finastra team also wanted to track the influence of social media on lead generation and nurturing, yet their existing lead scoring model did not incorporate social engagement metrics, leaving a significant gap in their understanding of their customer journey.

Another crucial piece of the puzzle was security and compliance. Being in a highly regulated industry, it was essential that whichever software Finastra implemented could meet the highest regulatory standards.

The Oktopost Solution

Oktopost proved to be a game changer for Finastra, ticking all of their boxes for cohesive social media management, establishing a thriving employee advocacy initiative, and shedding light on the previously elusive connection between social media engagement and lead generation.

They saw the following benefits:

Streamlined Social Media Management

With Oktopost, Finastra's marketing team was able to centralize social media management, bringing together publishing, advocacy, and analytics. This enabled the team to be more efficient, strategic, and unified in their social media strategy.

Prior to Oktopost, we had a sea of content that we thought was being wasted without any means to amplify it. Oktopost changed the game by not only helping us share it effectively but also giving us detailed analytics to see how our advocates' posts were performing."
-Jamie Stepien, Head of Web & Social Media at Finastra

Paved the Way for Employee Advocacy Success

Finastra had a goldmine of valuable content at their fingertips. They wanted to maximize their content's impact with a strong employee advocacy program that would propel their reach to new audiences.

Oktopost enabled Finastra to:

Trustworthy Security and Privacy

Abiding by security and compliance protocols is essential for Finastra. Therefore, Oktopost needed to conduct regular assessments to ensure the platform could meet stringent privacy regulations. Oktopost passed with flying colors, enabling Finastra to leverage the platform without reservation.

The Results

By using Oktopost, Finastra significantly enhanced efficiency by consolidating social media management, streamlining operations, and improving the overall efficiency of content sharing and engagement. In just two years, Finastra has seen a 400% increase in active advocates, an 800% increase in advocacy engagement, and a 600% increase in advocacy reach.

Finastra was able to bolster significant involvement in employee advocacy, launching a social media boot camp to teach advocacy best practices, how to best leverage Oktopost, and incentivizing participation in the program. 'Advocacy Reach' became a top-level metric in the CMO dashboard aiming to gauge and benchmark employee advocacy across different business units, ultimately providing a comprehensive assessment of the company's social media presence and engagement efforts.

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