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Sysdig Sees a Significant Increase in Engagement Rate with Oktopost

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Technology & Software
San Francisco, California
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Sysdig is a cloud and container security company built on an open source stack that includes Falco and Sysdig OSS, the open standards for runtime threat detection and response. Sysdig provides a single view of risk from source to run with no blind spots, no guesswork, and no black boxes. Hundreds of organizations rely on Sysdig to find and prioritize software vulnerabilities, detect and respond to threats, and manage configurations, permissions and compliance.

Removing the cap on social media reporting

As part of a rapidly scaling company, Sysdig's marketing department is constantly looking for ways to support this growth and help ramp up the sales pipeline. Being in an emerging technology market, one of their goals is to capture as many eyes as they can on the company's educational content as well as increase traffic to their virtual events.

One of the channels driving engagement for Sysdig today is social media, where the team has been hitting all stages of the funnel: from pushing demand gen campaigns to creating buzz around customer events and launches.

To take full advantage of social media, Sysdig's marketers needed to optimize their strategy in real time, which requires comprehensive reporting. Unfortunately, the company's social media management solution at the time had a cap on the amount of data they can report on - and anything beyond that included extra costs.

With their social media strategy in full swing, Sysdig was getting so many impressions and engagements, they would hit their data threshold well before the end of the month, which led to important insights being missed by the team. Sysdig needed a social engagement platform that would scale with its growth.

Getting visibility into key accounts' social engagements

Since switching to Oktopost, Sysdig has access to unlimited reporting across as many social media interactions, profiles, and networks as needed. Without limitations in tracking and analyzing their own data, the team is able to make data-driven decisions on how to optimize their social strategy and effectively promote their content.

Oktopost is very easy to use and understand. We don't have a data threshold hanging over our heads anymore, blocking us from capturing important insights. And more importantly, we've gained access to more analytics around our key accounts. We can see who is converting to a form fill and which accounts they belong to," says Jennifer Pospishek, Senior Director, WW Events, Field & Partner Marketing.

Oktopost Publishing

Sysdig came for unlimited reporting but stayed for the overall Oktopost experience.

Oktopost's seamless, AI-assisted workflows make a social media manager's life easier and put a dollar value on their hard work. It starts with the Calendar, Oktopost's mission control where you can see what your month looks like on social media with a drill-down into each day, post, and campaign. It helps Sysdig's team to quickly answer topline questions around when, where, and how they should be engaging with their customers.

By understanding what's working well and using that data to inform their strategy, the marketing department is able to consistently grow the brand's social presence and build a vibrant community around it. This makes marketing experiments easy to launch and track on social media, removing uncertainties and gaps from their social media work.

Using Social for Account-Based Marketing

The real Oktopost magic started for Sysdig when they were able to zoom in on how social media influences their sales pipeline.

When someone within one of their target accounts clicks a social link to register for a webinar or download a white paper, the team can track the journey. Account owners can then follow up with a personalized and hyper-relevant engagement around this particular moment in their buyer's journey.

Oktopost Reporting

Every Sysdig department reviews its business on a monthly basis, and social media no longer has to be an exception. Since the marketing team started using Oktopost, they have been able to get consistent social media analytics without a threshold.

Sysdig is measuring how impressions and engagement increase month-over-month as well as looking at the number of new followers and which social posts are bringing them in.

Another important point to track is what content is driving the most traffic to the website. Analyzing that data in Oktopost and acting on it enabled Sysdig to consistently grow its social presence and generate more engagement around its content and events.

Boosting engagement and conversions with an optimized social strategy

Over the past year, Sysdig's marketing team has increased its social engagement rate by 180%.

Utilizing Linkedin as the primary social channel, they were able to grow their follower base by a whopping 50%.

The team achieved these excellent numbers by using not only engagement but also acquisition data, thus better understanding what type of social content drives conversions. Today, they're seeing a consistently high conversion rate - up to 6.8% - on the most engaging posts.

Finally, social media has given Sysdig something that can't be quantified with engagement or even conversions: knowing which activities drive opportunities and revenue made a significant impact on the social media success achieved by the Sysdig team.

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