About Oktopost

We're a young, dynamic software company that creates simple, beautiful software for B2B marketers

We are a group of innovative thinkers with an entrepreneurial spirit. We take full responsibility of everything we touch and live to deliver value - every day. We are problem-solving savants, enabling us to thrive in a rapidly-changing market.

Team Members

Daniel Kushner

Daniel Kushner Co-founder and CEO

Liad Guez

Liad Guez Co-founder and VP Product

Ilan Shmargad

Ilan Shmargad VP Business Development

Ben Green

Ben Green VP Operations

Alexey Puchkov

Alexey Puchkov VP Engineering

Jennifer Gutman

Jennifer Gutman Head of Sales

Daniel Podrabinek

Daniel Podrabinek Full Stack Developer

Sapir Segal

Sapir Segal Director of Marketing

Martin Fuchs

Martin Fuchs Account Executive

Shanie Zimerman

Shanie Zimerman Customer Success Manager

Ivan Demchenkov

Ivan Demchenkov Full Stack Developer

Julia Shapiro

Julia Shapiro Account Executive

Eyal Aviv

Eyal Aviv Customer Success Manager

Adam Ross

Adam Ross Account Executive

Maksym Laktionov

Maksym Laktionov Full Stack Developer

Vitalii Kovalchuk

Vitalii Kovalchuk Full Stack Developer

Anastasiia Povzyk

Anastasiia Povzyk Full Stack Developer

Lee Bermanis

Lee Bermanis Customer Success Manager

Board Members

Doron Gerstel

Doron Gerstel CEO at Panaya

Duby Lachovitz

Duby Lachovitz Explore Ventures

Arale Cohen

Arale Cohen 2B Angeles