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About Act-On

Act-On's Adaptive Marketing Platform is your command center to get the right messages, to the right people, at the right time. Their easy-to-use technology provides you insight to adapt to your customers’ unique needs at each stage of the buying journey and accelerate your lead to revenue.

More social media data = more power in Act-On

Using a simple integration with your landing page web-forms, Oktopost's social media management platform enables B2B marketing teams to capture information about leads that originate from social media, and automatically sync this with Act-On. They can easily view which specific social campaign, channel, and profile leads came from.

With this integration, marketers are now able to leverage social activity for optimized lead nurturing, scoring, attribution, and segmentation — pulling in raw social media data to enrich lead profiles in Act-On, and gaining greater insight into their leads’ overall interest.

Lead Nurturing

Target leads with hyper-personalized content based on their social media engagement.

Lead Scoring

Build a scoring model that prioritizes social touch-points, and in turn, drives more qualified leads.

Lead Attribution

Accurately attribute demand generation to social media activities – and give social media the credit that it deserves.

Lead Segmentation

Segment audiences according to their interactions with social content, networks, and campaigns.

"Leveraging the Act-On-Oktopost integration has completely revolutionized our approach to B2B social marketing. We now have complete transparency through tracking of social marketing activity by campaign all the way through to lead conversion. We’re looking forward to Oktopost and Act-On continuing to support the achievement of our marketing goals and those of our clients."

Mark Donkin
Mark Donkin
Marketing Director, SuccessFlow
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Connect social media data with Act-On

Discover how B2B marketing teams leverage Oktopost social media data in Act-On to improve their lead nurturing, scoring, and attribution.

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