Social employee advocacy

Grow your audience reach, boost engagement, and attract qualified leads by giving employees a voice on social media.

Today's B2B buyers
trust people, not brands

Make employees the face of your company by getting them to share industry-related content and drive greater social influence.


of employees already post company-related content to their personal social networks


more people reached by employees than all of your corporate social accounts combined


more sales conversions from employee-generated leads than marketing-generated leads

A win-win experience for
brands and employees alike

Content Distribution

Provide employees with pre-approved, on-brand social content – with just a few clicks.

Employee Engagement

Expose employees to the most relevant content for them with topic segmentation.

Social Compliance

Ban inappropriate or fogue keywords to prevent employees from misusing their handles.

Employee Suggestions

Make employees feel valued by allowing them to recommend relevant content ideas.

Seamless content management for brands

Oktopost is the only social media management solution that streamlines all of your corporate and employee advocacy activities through a single platform.

Analyze employee advocacy from every angle

Performance Insights

Examine your program from above

From reach to clicks, and lead generation quantify the contribution of employee advocacy to your overall social media objectives.

Activity Metrics

Zoom in on employee performance

Some employees are more active than others. Identify the key program leaders and understand which content resonates with employees and their networks.

Data Portability

Leverage employee advocacy data

Seamleselly share employee advocacy data with your marketing automation and CRM platform to better score, nurture, and attribute leads.

Simple tools for busy employees

Oktopost makes content sharing an extremely effortless yet rewarding experience for employees – guaranteeing high participation.

On-the-Go Sharing

Instantly discover, filter, and share the latest content anywhere, anytime – via desktop or mobile app.

Thought Leadership

Position yourself as an industry expert by sharing content that aligns with your preferred networks and topics-of-interest.


Enjoy complete transparency into top performing brand advocates – from content shares to audience clicks.

Employee advocacy is not a marketing-only tool

Empower your entire workforce as brand ambassadors so they can meet their bottom-line.

Sales Enablement

Attract new, qualified prospects – and nurture existing opportunities.

Social Recruitment

Connect with a larger pool of top candidates through employee referrals.

Customer Relationships

Deliver authentic customer interactions to sustain long-term relationships.

Thanks to the Oktopost-Marketo integration, not only did we gain a 360 degree view of our buyer journey, we can also take a more personalized approach to communicating with our buyers at every stage of the funnel.
Stacy Painter, Social Media Strategist at Pyramid Analytics
When we look at the last 6 months, Oktopost's employee advocacy solution enabled our employees to share 10X more social content, generating a 70% increase in our organic social reach.
Daniel Klaus, Senior Manager of Global Digital Marketing at Fujitsu
Since launching Oktopost's employee advocacy solution, we’ve seen a clear increase in the amount of branded content that employees share as well as in the breadth of audience we’re able to reach.
Mya Achidov, Social Media Manager at Sisense
Trying to separate yourself from the crowd at a marketing conference can be quite challenging - especially due to the tremendous volume of posts coming out with the same hashtag. That’s why for us, employee advocacy is not just a strategy to boost our brand awareness, it’s also a solution that helps increase and prove the value of the conference.
Jenneva Vargas, SEO/SEM Specialist at Accelo

Turn employees into your biggest marketing asset

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