The intersection between AI and Product Marketing with Sean Broderick
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The intersection between AI and Product Marketing with Sean Broderick

Sean Broderick, Director of Product Marketing at Sitecore, named in the Top 100 Product Marketing Influencers and Host of The Product Marketing AI Podcast unravels the challenges and transformations of artificial intelligence (AI) and the essential relationships required in an organization to drive effective AI governance.

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Episode Summary

Great marketing is all about learning and refining your strategy. It takes time and consistency. But in real life, things are never that simple. As a marketing leader, you have to figure out what “best practice” means for your business and that usually takes more time and more consistency.

Pulling back the curtain on how he’s using AI to increase speed and consistency in marketing is Sean Broderick, Director of Product Marketing at Sitecore. A dynamic marketeer with a flair for brevity, Sean illustrates how his team is using AI to accelerate the creation of messaging and better align with customer and market demands. He dives into the management of both the data he analyzes and the AI systems that use his data to ensure they are used safely and responsibly.

Sean doesn’t miss a beat as he weaves throughout the conversation how the strategic partnership between marketing and legal, especially when it comes to getting AI governance right, requires close collaboration. Sean even offers insights into how to best approach the guardrails required to ensure AI tools, systems and processes remain safe.

Hot Topics:

  • What it takes to build and maintain effective AI governance across an organization
  • How to leverage AI for enhanced speed and consistency in messaging without sacrificing safety or company secrets
  • Why creating meaningful relationships with legal teams can help marketing teams navigate the complexities that come with AI, ensuring compliance and avoiding potential PR disasters.

Tune in for a deep dive into the importance of AI governance and the value of being proactive about marketing’s relationship with legal.

Meet Sean

Sean has spent the last 15 years working in marketing and product management roles in the B2B and B2C space. He began his career in Japan and has worked in Telecoms, Salesforce, and Experience Management software companies. He is currently the Director of Product Marketing at Sitecore.

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