Where Psychology Fits into an Employee Advocacy Launch
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Where Psychology Fits into an Employee Advocacy Launch

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Episode Summary

How do you mobilize an entire organization to market for your brand?

There are of course dozens of ways to encourage, incentivize, and gamify your colleagues to share the right content, at the right time. However, without marketing leading an employee advocacy initiative, and truly understanding the type of persona that defines your organization, you most likely will fail.

As a general rule, just as marketers create buyer personas, any marketer in charge of an employee advocacy program should know the personas that make up the advocacy program.

In this episode, Barney O’Kelly, Digital Marketing Director at Alix Partners, reveals what Alix Partners did differently when building the framework of their advocacy program, and why he went to great lengths to truly understand the personas that made up the program.

According to Barney, marketing is too important to be left only to the marketing department. If you want to tap into creating brand evangelists, you need to understand your employees, the same way you understand your customers.

Barney tackles the tremendous level of insight he has gained while leading an advocacy program.

He even opens up about some of the psychology he’s learned about the type of people who work at Alix Partners, why not all people want to share content, and how to help his colleagues overcome their fear of thought leadership on LinkedIn.

Hot Topics of this Episode Include:

  • The psychology behind why your advocates may not be participating in your advocacy program, and how you can easily overcome it
  • How to mobilize an entire organization to be marketing for your brand
  • Barney’s top tips to ensure the extraordinary work your team is doing every day doesn’t become ordinary

Meet Barney

Barney O’Kelly is currently serving as the Digital Marketing Director at Alix Partners, a financial advisory and global consulting firm best known for its work in the turnaround space.

With over 20 years of experience as a commercially-focused marketing leader, Barney is a trusted advisor to many B2B organizations on how to achieve successful business outcomes through marketing and communications.

With a strong background in working globally, having been part of and led teams internationally for more than a decade, Barney is renowned as an original thinker with a reputation for versatility, ingenuity, and being someone who gets the job done.

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