Behind “Behind the Post” ! Meet the Teacher Gone Social Media Manager
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Behind “Behind the Post” ! Meet the Teacher Gone Social Media Manager

Addie Peters sits down with Host Olivia Messina to discuss her transition from teaching to tech and how she approaches social strategy for a global brand.

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Episode Summary

This episode of Behind the Post is not like the rest! You’re in for a treat as your host, Olivia Messina, takes the other side of the mic.

Addie Peters is asking everything you want to know about being a social media manager! Tune in to hear why Olivia made the jump from teaching to B2B marketing and the biggest challenges and surprises that came with it.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to run social for a global brand, Olivia covers that too! She reveals her approach to social strategy, her secrets for planning content, and staying up to date on trends.

This episode is fun, unfiltered, and peels back the biggest challenges behind working in social!

Hot Topics:

  • Social strategy for global brands from a B2B perspective
  • Where B2B brands are missing the mark on social
  • The greatest challenge for B2B social media managers

Meet Olivia

Olivia Messina is Oktopost’s Social Media and Community Manager. Passionate about humanizing B2B brands, building communities, and developing her personal brand, she leads all social accounts and heads the Oktopost employee advocacy program. She also hosts Oktopost’s B2B social media podcast, Behind the Post. Olivia and her guests break down what goes on behind the perfect posts you see on your feed, and what it takes to spark creativity and generate a highly-engaged audience.

A specialist in video content creation, when she’s not creating content and managing socials, Olivia can be found developing her personal brand, reading, or getting a quick workout in.

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