Why Your Social Media Matters in Your MarTech Stack

Why Your Social Media Matters in Your MarTech Stack

Ben Beeching, Senior EMEA Marketing at Mega International stops by the Radically Transparent podcast to tackle the martech stack and the challenges of building compelling customer journeys that positively impact pipeline.

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Episode Summary

Let’s not sugarcoat it. Every single B2B marketer is currently overwhelmed by the amount of potential marketing technology tools at their disposal. Moreover, when you’ve selected the right technology to include in your martech stack, how do you know which sets of data to rely on to make informed decisions? What technology plays nicely together?

Are you using the right social media management solutions to increase the impact of your organization’s social media campaigns on the business?

Meet Ben Beeching, Senior EMEA Marketing at Mega International. You’ve probably heard of Mega International – the global SaaS software company for Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Analysis, Governance, Risk and Compliance, and Data Governance. With a core value of company success being attributed to the success of its people, it’s no wonder that Ben is up at night thinking about building compelling customer journeys that will positively impact pipeline.

In this episode of the Radically Transparent podcast, Ben tackles what goes into producing the right content across different channels and stages of the funnel to build trust with buyers. He opens up about why it’s so easy to lose the humanization aspect in marketing – and what B2B marketers can learn from their B2C counterparts when it comes to connecting with customers.

Ben even opens up about what he drills down on when it comes to building personas, what marketers need to get right and how to put yourself in your buyer’s shoes to ensure your content will actually resonate with the different audiences you are targeting throughout the funnel.

Lastly, Ben explains how he is using social data to make informed decisions and impact the buyer journey, along with the rest of the technology in his martech stack.

An episode not to be missed if you’ve ever found yourself questioning how to use social media to build personas and help take buyers down the funnel.

Hot Topics of this Episode Include:

  • Impacting pipeline: building a compelling customer journey that includes both sales and marketing activity
  • What tools and technology make up Ben’s martech stack and how he’s using social media to help determine the single source of truth when it comes to data
  • Putting yourself in the shoes of your buyers and taking a good hard look at your content to determine if you would be compelled to actually click on what your teams are creating

Meet Ben Beeching

With 18 years of marketing experience, Ben has worked for a range of organizations from enterprises such as HPE and Emerson through to pre-IPO Silicon Valley start-ups.

Most recently, Ben works for Paris-based software and services vendor MEGA International running international marketing programs in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

His experience has ranged from content creation and campaign management to managing multi-million-dollar budgets and regional go-to-market strategies. By working for vendors and resellers of different shapes and sizes, Ben has gained extensive practical experience in the opportunities and challenges that marketing teams face internally and externally.

As well as the core functions of marketing, one of his main focuses is on how marketing can add optimal value to the business, and facilitate a productive relationship with sales teams and the broader business.

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