How Collaboration Creates Economic Opportunity for the Global Workforce
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How Collaboration Creates Economic Opportunity for the Global Workforce

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Episode Summary

LinkedIn is notorious for being a great place to work and for investing heavily in its employees. As we enter into the thick of an economic downturn, where budgets are tightening and resources are becoming scarce, everyone is dealing with a multitude of stressors in and outside of work.

In this climate, it’s incredibly important to find tools not only to cope but to make the most of what resources we do have – both in and outside the workplace.

Meet Cidney Falk, a leader in the Channel Partnerships team within the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions business. Cidney is flipping the script on what it means to enable her team and peers to accomplish more with less – while staying sane in the process.

In this episode, Cidney talks about the creation of “Strength WithIN,” a program she implemented across LinkedIn. “Strength WithIN” aims to create space for LinkedIn employees who are interested in strength sports to connect, both in-person and virtually, to build meaningful relationships, work better, and become more resilient.

But aside from just the physical benefits of the program, Cidney discloses how her peers needed new outlets and ways to connect with each other across the company.

With this employee-centered program, LinkedIn employees have become better operators, building towards LinkedIn’s core values.

Cidney’s innovative employee-led program creates a virtuous cycle within LinkedIn’s core value of #OneLinkedIn: the idea that across every business line, there are always ways that peers can be collaborating together to bring the best outcomes to LinkedIn clients.

Hot Topics of this Episode Include:

  • How a startup mindset can benefit any organization in times of uncertainty
  • LinkedIn’s core values, and why encouraging employee-led programs to succeed is the key to collaboration
  • The secret to creating space for your employees to connect both in person and virtually to build meaningful relationships, work better, and become more resilient

Meet Cidney

Cidney Falk has been a veteran of the ad tech space since 2015, working in partnerships and business development across a breadth of companies including Xaxis, Oracle, Index Exchange, and now LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. She stands out as a leader who is always bringing innovation and strategic excellence to partners and her teams while maintaining quality relationships across organizations to maximize her impact.

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