Jennifer Gutman on Breaking Down Common Social Media Misconceptions

Jennifer Gutman on Breaking Down Common Social Media Misconceptions

Jennifer Gutman, Director of Social Strategy goes Behind the Post to break down common social media misconceptions 

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Episode Summary

Jennifer Gutman, Director of Social Strategy at Oktopost, joins host Olivia Messina on Behind the Post to clear the air about some common social media misconceptions that are still floating around our highly social world.

The more followers, the better? Can you actually measure the ROI of social media? Can you hire a millennial to run your social and be successful?

Jen helps uncover why it’s crucial to have a social strategy, why brands don’t need a crazy active presence on every social network, and how to break through the social media noise to reach your customers and buyers.

She reveals how to make B2B social less boring and why you don’t always need to take the conventional approach to social media, and why it’s important to take calculated risks in the ever-changing world of social.

Meet Jennifer Gutman

Jennifer Gutman is Oktopost’s Director of Social Strategy. With more than 10 years of experience in SaaS that includes MarTech and conversational commerce, Jennifer has an impressive reputation of leading meaningful transformations across B2B organizations to be forward-thinking when it comes to using technology.

Jennifer passionately believes that social media is the anchor of any successful B2B marketing strategy and is helping to transform the way B2B organizations manage and measure social media. She has worked closely with Oktopost customers of all sizes to roll out and scale their employee advocacy programs and grow their social media presence. She is known for guiding B2B marketers to speak the same language as the rest of their organization, earning them a seat at the strategy table.

She’s a trusted employee advocacy advisor, podcast host to Oktopost’s hit series “Radically Transparent”, where she delivers high-energy episodes while challenging her guests to expose their radically transparent truths behind being a modern-day marketing leader, webinar producer, and a fierce advocate for leveraging social media to build authentic and meaningful relationships between brands and their customers.

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Behind the Post is a podcast by Social Media Managers, for Social Media Managers. Host Olivia Messina and her guests talk about the real challenges SMMs face while talking through the creative processes they need to create engaging content every day.

In each episode, SMMs talk through how they stay creative and interesting across their various social channels. The conversations are built to work through fresh ideas and captivating ways to keep your audience engaged and your leads funneling in.

One thing’s for sure, you’ll leave every episode with the tools and inspiration you need to nail your next social campaign!

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