What Our Customers Say About Social BI + More New Features
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What Our Customers Say About Social BI + More New Features

Last month, we rolled out Social BI, a one-of-a-kind tool for building and sharing custom reports powered by your social data. We called it “our most important product release of 2020” (even though we have a few more exciting releases in store for you this year!), hoping our customers will back up this statement – and indeed they do.

We’ve already received lots of positive feedback about it. Here is one:

Social BI is absolutely unique in what I’ve seen in the industry. The ability to quickly build custom reports based on any set of social data and parameters, across all your channels, is a game-changer for us. I look forward to get insights that will help us drive more opportunities,” says Leah Dekalb, Social Media Manager at Druva.

If you haven’t tried Social BI yet, we encourage you to do it today! Go click on the new dashboard icon in the platform’s sidebar and start building your own social analytics experience.

While our customers are exploring Social BI and creating their first dashboards tailored to the unique goals and KPIs of each organization, we keep tweaking and improving this mighty tool.

Here are some of the latest updates we’ve added to Social BI.

New Select Source window

The first step for creating every report. We’ve updated the window’s UI and soon will add a few more data sources, such as user sessions (for reporting on your marketing team’s and advocates’ usage and adoption), social clicks (for reporting on your click demographics) and lead activities (for reporting on your social leads and their engagements).

TV mode

Excited to show your new dashboards to the team? We know! That’s why we’ve added TV mode that will make your presentation even more impressive. To enter TV mode, click on a three dots icon in the top right corner of a dashboard.

PowerPoint exports

Download your reports and dashboards in .PPTX format as beautiful PowerPoint presentations.

Move reports between dashboards

That might come in handy if you want to migrate or duplicate some of your reports to a different dashboard.

Post drill-down

Now you can drill down into every social post from your reports to view it. How cool is that?

That’s all for now. We will keep you posted on any further updates to our Social BI. Meanwhile, we’d really appreciate your feedback on this feature. What do you think about Social BI?

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