Are Social Media Managers Future CMOs?
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Are Social Media Managers Future CMOs?

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Episode Summary

There is a long-standing debate around the role of a social media manager: Are they masters of the online universe or simply digitally savvy youngsters who know how to make extremely engaging videos?

With the role of a social media manager ever-evolving, many B2B brands already recognize that social media marketing can:

  • Drive sales pipeline
  • Develop meaningful relationships
  • Build brand awareness

But one of the newer benefits of social media management is the ability for a social media manager to gain a stronger perspective on how customers think.

Oftentimes, this insight into the customer is greater than many other roles in the organization. So with all their knowledge and experience connecting with a wide range of customers, it is time we start to acknowledge that social media managers might just be our future CMOs.

Meet Dani Peterman, Brand Marketing Lead at Coho AI and a rising LinkedIn influencer with 7K followers.

He joins the Radically Transparent podcast to talk about the evolution of organic social media and why social media marketing is so much more than content creation.

He reveals the modern-day career path of a B2B social media manager and what it will take for them to become the next generation of CMOs. He even lists some of the top skills social media managers currently have that make them ideal candidates for becoming future marketing leaders.

Dani doesn’t miss a beat as he even dives into some of the latest trends, like Chat GPT, and how social media managers must be dynamic to avoid becoming obsolete.

Hot Topics of this Episode Include:

  • How not to pigeon-hole your career as a social media manager
  • The evolution of organic social media and the future of B2B social media management
  • Why the future generation of CMOs will come from social media departments

Meet Dani

Dani Peterman is the Brand Marketing Lead @Coho AI.

He’s been working in various social media-related roles for almost 8 years, focusing mainly in the B2B space.,He’s also one of the managers of the biggest mixed martial arts community in Israel, currently at over 15K people.

And when he is not managing B2B social, Dani can be found co-hosting Cage Rats, the #1 MMA podcast in Israel that’s been running for over 6 years.

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