Facebook Notes Revival: Why You Should Care
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Facebook Notes Revival: Why You Should Care

Do you remember Facebook Notes? If you don’t, we can’t say we are surprised. Notes gave users a place to create longer posts way back when Facebook had a strict character limit on status length. It never really took off, but that’s not stopping Facebook from revamping the feature and reintroducing it to the market.

Facebook wants to increase the number of time users spend on its site. By encouraging longer posts with Facebook Notes, it hopes to claim its share of the blogosphere. Blog platforms, such as Medium or WordPress, attract millions of users that range from first-time bloggers to B2B marketers. More than 1.4 billion are already using Facebook; it makes sense to give them a platform to create content on the site so they’ll stay there.

What does this mean for B2B marketers? With Facebook Notes, you have another tool worth considering for your social media arsenal that won’t take much time to learn. Facebook Notes is designed much like Medium, with the ability to add images, hyperlinks, tag, and even hashtags. It’s just a matter of determining whether you should add Facebook Notes to your social media mix.

If your goal is to drive more visitors to your Facebook page, building a blog directly on the site and posting regularly could be beneficial to your company. You’d attract readers already on Facebook and keep them engaged. Facebook may also launch ads on the Notes section, which is something you could consider sponsoring when made available. You could also reach out to Facebook bloggers for brand promotion; 93% of bloggers say they either ‘don’t mind’ or enjoy being approached by brands.

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If your end goal is to drive users to your blog/website where you have your CTA’s, you may not need Facebook Notes. You could use Facebook as a platform for sharing your content links, but not build the content directly on Facebook. With the main blog on your company’s website, you are able to share the content to various social media platforms.

While still in the testing stage, Facebook Notes is poised to become a social media asset for many B2B marketers. It is something to consider testing out to see how it works for your brand. Be sure you’re aware of your target audience and the pros and cons of building blog-like posts directly on your page.

Are you planning on using Facebook Notes?

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