Haily Moulton on the Recipe for B2B TikTok Success

Haily Moulton on the Recipe for B2B TikTok Success

Haily Moulton, Social Growth Marketer at Biteable goes Behind the Post.

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Episode Summary

TikTok has absolutely exploded on the social scene over the past few years—and B2B marketers are beginning to test the waters. A social platform filled with viral, vertical-style videos spanning all topics and communities, TikTok has grabbed hold of the social media world.

But where do B2B marketers fit in? How can we use TikTok in an interesting and valuable way?

Enter Haily Moulton, Social Growth Marketer at Biteable, and the face behind Biteable’s YouTube and TikTok strategies. Specializing in video marketing, Haily has earned Biteable’s TikTok over 50 million views and shares across the world. How has she done it?

Instead of focusing on branded product videos, which flopped on the popular social network, she focused instead on humor. She created content around the realities of working from home, poking fun at the corporate world.

@biteable Help is on the way dear!! #corporate #wfhlife #corporatetiktok #corporatehumor #corporatelife #corporatemillennial #9to5 #9to5life #wfh #corporatetok ♬ original sound – Jamal Mayfield

Her efforts on TikTok have solidified Biteable’s employer branding, getting tons of comments on whether or not Biteable was hiring. Their careers page went from 60-80 visits per day to over 20,000!

Hot topics in this episode:

  • Time management as a social team of one—how to stay organized and sane.
  • Keeping the freedom to test things on new social channels and figuring out which formula works for you.
  • Being relatable as an employer branding strategy where traditional B2B sales methods don’t work.

Meet Haily

Haily is the Social Growth Marketer at Biteable, a video maker that transforms important messages into engaging videos using custom animations and branded scenes.

As a one-person social team, Haily is responsible for Biteable’s organic presence across all platforms. In the past year, Biteable’s TikTok videos have accumulated over 50 million views and received hundreds of shares from accounts like CNN, Slice, The LA Times, and Betches.

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