How to Build a Personal Brand & Never Apply for Another Job Again!

How to Build a Personal Brand & Never Apply for Another Job Again!

Christina Le, Social Media and Community Manager at OpenPhone shares her tips on personal branding, social strategy, and TikTok engagement!

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Episode Summary

When it comes to social, Christina Le, Social Media Manager at OpenPhone is the jack of all trades. She joins host Olivia Messina Behind the Post to share her insights on social strategy, personal branding, TikTok, and everything in between!

She shares her approach to social as a seasoned veteran in the industry (and hint: it all comes back to your audience), conveying your company’s values, and tapping into the conversations that are happening.

Christina opens up about her posting strategy per network and hints that if your brand is not on TikTok, you might just miss the boat. Not to worry – Olivia and Christina chat about the ins and outs of TikTok and how it’s the only platform where you don’t need to niche down. Talking about your product isn’t going to cut it! Have fun with it, be engaging, and showcase what’s like to work at your company.

To close out the episode, Christina shares her greatest advice for building a personal brand– start writing and don’t overthink it! As humans, we are natural storytellers: be vulnerable, talk about the ups and the downs, and take the time to talk about the things that matter to you. She reminds us that it doesn’t need to be overly polished – just be you! LinkedIn is the best place to where your resume on your sleeve and if done right, you’ll never need to apply to another job again!

Hot Topics:

  • Tips for building your personal brand and the key to landing a position in social media
  • Content, posting cadence and the importance of value > volume
  • How Christina is using TikTok for recruitment and highlighting OpenPhone’s employer brand

Meet Christina

Christina Le is the Social Media and Community manager at OpenPhone. When she’s not busy tinkering around the saas brand-building space, you can find her on all social media under the handle of @thesechapters.

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