How to Create an Impactful Personal Brand
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How to Create an Impactful Personal Brand

Adeline Peters steals the host seat to interview and get to know Colin Day.

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Episode Summary

All of the topics Oktopost cares so much about: employee advocacy, the state of marketing, and developing a personal brand – they’re in this episode!

In this week’s episode of Behind the Post, Adeline Peters is taking the seat as host to welcome Colin Day, live and in person. During this laid-back discussion, the two dive into what brought Day to Oktopost, where he thinks marketing is headed, and so much more!

In the second half of the show, the two detail what a personal brand means and how it has evolved over the years. Colin explains it is all about being you, whether you’re on stage presenting at a conference or on social media presenting a message. Together they explain why keeping it real and authentic is critical to developing a consistent personal brand.

Hot Topics:

  • The key to employee advocacy from an advocate’s POV
  • How and why you should add developing your personal brand to your to-do list
  • Where marketing is headed in 2023

Meet Colin

Colin Day is the Managing Director of EMEA & APAC and VP of Corporate Business Development at Oktopost. Day joined the organization early 2020 after becoming a champion for Oktopost’s B2B social engagement suite. In this episode he explains how and why he came into this role.
With a history of building and operating high-performing, go-to market functions Day brings his in-depth knowledge to team Oktopost. He has an exceptional track record of implementing all aspects of commercial operations in technology and financial service firms across the globe.

Day has a strong standing within the marketing community and has received multiple awards throughout his 30 years of experience across varying sectors, including Martech and FinTech. Most recently, Day established his own advisory firm in order to provide strategic advice for C-Suite executives. He has conducted analyses across a range of transactions focusing on marketing technology, consulting services, and financial technology.

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