Introducing a More Powerful Salesforce Integration

Introducing a More Powerful Salesforce Integration

This week, we’ve released a major update to our Salesforce integration that features more advanced social attribution, lead syncing and reporting capabilities as well as the new Social Insights package. Here’s what has changed.

Better Social Media Attribution Tools

We’ve adjusted a few core concepts of the integration to improve your ability to attribute leads to social media in Salesforce.

Mirror Campaigns

Instead of adding new members to Salesforce Campaigns based on social conversions via tracked forms, Oktopost will now do it based on social media activities such as click, reactions, comments and shares. This will allow for more accurate reporting.

Update Source Fields

The same goes for updating a Lead or Contact Source – Oktopost will automatically update this field following social activities performed by your leads. We believe that social media isn’t just a vehicle for website conversions but a powerful marketing channel that can drive revenues on its own. This improvement can help you fill the gaps in the buyer’s journey and establish your true social media ROI.

Consequently, we’ve removed the option to create tasks in Salesforce for new social conversions. Since this feature was used mostly for attribution, with this update, it’s no longer needed. However, to continue supporting this use case, you can use Salesforce’s Process Builder.

We’ve also added a template field that can push additional information to Lead or Contact Source fields in Salesforce using these parameters (activity type, campaign name, date, post source, advocacy board, etc.).

Social Lead Gen

When it comes to adding new leads to Salesforce, this update allows you to decide which fields your team has to fill out to manually add a lead from Oktopost to Salesforce.

In addition to default information (first name, last name, email), you can include other fields and use predefined parameters to populate them with Oktopost data. This feature can help jump-start social lead generation for those of you who use a custom lead form instead of Salesforce’s default setup.

New Social Insights

In this update, we’ve also added a new version of the Social Insights package.

First of all, it now uses native Salesforce components to display social activities in Lead, Contact, and Account records – to provide you with better visibility into Oktopost data in Salesforce. Because of this adjustment, you’re no longer required to input Oktopost API keys into Salesforce, making the process more secure and easier to set up.

To enhance your data integrity, we’ve introduced a built-in Flow that automatically updates the reference fields as Leads convert to Contacts.

We’ve also added a reference to Salesforce Campaigns inside the Social Activity object – so you can create detailed social activity reports that tie in with Salesforce Campaigns.

How It Affects Customers Who Already Use the Integration

If you have a Salesforce integration added in your Oktopost account, all new features are already available. To leverage the functionality of the new Social Insights, please upgrade from your existing package by following our migration guide.

For other questions about the new Salesforce integration, make sure to check out our knowledge base.

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