Transforming B2B marketing with LinkedIn’s Kim Bolsoni
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Transforming B2B marketing with LinkedIn’s Kim Bolsoni

Kim Bolsoni, LinkedIn’s Senior Partner Manager, explores LinkedIn’s dynamic ecosystem, which owes much of its vitality to strategic partnerships, and celebrates all LinkedIn partners with an exclusive look into the B2Believe partner event in NYC and reveals the winner of the 2024 Transformation Partner of the Year award. 

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Episode Summary

LinkedIn has undeniably become a powerhouse for B2B marketers, often lauded as the go-to platform for demand generation, authentic connections, and professional networking.

In this episode of Radically Transparent, host Jennifer Gutman welcomes Kim Bolsoni, Senior Partner Manager at LinkedIn. Featuring the exciting world of B2B and the role LinkedIn plays in it, Kim offers valuable insights into how the dynamic collaborations with partners enhance the utility of the platform and contribute to creating a second-to-none marketing experience for marketers and brands alike.

Throughout the episode, both Kim and Jen dive into the multifaceted impact of these partnerships and how they contribute to the evolution of LinkedIn’s ecosystem with a special emphasis on Oktopost.
To end the show, Kim even reveals her reaction to LinkedIn’s 2024 Annual Partner Awards dinner which kicked off their B2Believe event in New York City, and called out Colin Day, Oktopost’s Managing Director of EMEA, for being awarded the Transformation Partner of the Year award– an award given to the individual who has been instrumental in transforming the LinkedIn ecosystem over the last year- highlighting the power of collaboration between innovation and dynamic partners.

Hot Topics:

  • How LinkedIn has become the go-to platform for B2B marketers with the help of transformative partners.
  • Explore the dynamic collaborations between partners and how they’ve collaborated with LinkedIn to contribute a powerful marketing experience for brands and marketers.
  • A behind-the-scenes look at LinkedIn’s Annual Partner Awards dinner and insight into the 2024 Transformation Partner of the Year award winner.

Meet Kim

Kim Bolsoni is a Senior Partner Manager at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. With 14 years in AdTech, she joined LinkedIn 2 years ago to look after some of the company’s largest AdTech partners. Prior to her career at LinkedIn, Kim spent 5 years at Twitter managing publisher relationships with EMEA app developers and 5 years managing performance advertising at Criteo across different markets.

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