How to Put the “Social” Back in B2B Social Media
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How to Put the “Social” Back in B2B Social Media

Passionate about creating authentic and entertaining social-first content, Kaylin Balderrama joined us on Behind the Post to share how her innovative social strategy has grown Bazaarvoice’s followers by 16,000 since December.

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Episode Summary

“In the last year, we have gained a little over 18,000 followers on social. I started in December [and introduced our new strategy], and since then we have gained 16,000 of those followers.”

Now more than ever, B2B audiences are craving authentic and relatable content, and no one showcases this more than our next guest.

With a background in B2C marketing, Kaylin Balderrama brings a fresh perspective to her role as the Global Social Media Manager at Bazaarvoice.

She highlights that no matter if you’re in B2C or B2B, you’ll always be marketing to people. With that in mind, Kaylin shares the core principles that have helped her craft an engaging and successful social strategy that delivers results: authenticity and social-first content.

The results speak for themselves: in the last 12 months, Bazaarvoice gained an impressive 18,000 followers, with 16,000 of those followers gained since Kaylin started in December 2023 and introduced her new social strategy!

To close out the episode, Kaylin also explores how B2B companies can leverage social media platforms traditionally seen as B2C, such as TikTok, to raise brand awareness.

Tune in to learn what it really means to create social-first content and hear about a recent example that landed her in the news and on a flight to Cannes!

Hot Topics:

  • What social-first content is, and how to create it
  • The metrics she tracks to monitor their performance
  • How to leverage TikTok for B2B marketing

Meet Kaylin

Kaylin Balderrama is the Global Social Media Manager at Bazaarvoice. With a B2C marketing background, she brings a unique perspective and engaging content to her company’s B2B social profiles.

She is passionate about creating “social-first” content and authentic moments on social, and even made the news recently for doing just that, which we dive into during this episode.

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