Social Selling: The Future of B2B Sales with Alex Abbott
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Social Selling: The Future of B2B Sales with Alex Abbott

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Episode Summary

When you step away from thinking that every person is a potential customer and think about every person as a human being, you can start being more curious and think about 100% of the territory, not just the 5% that might be in market for your solution.”

With over 30 years in B2B Sales and Marketing, Alex Abbott joins host Olivia Messina on Behind the Post to discuss one of the most prevalent topics in B2B sales today: social selling.

Alex urges that the traditional prospecting approach is no longer working. Buyers have lost trust in salespeople, and with the nature of cold calling and emailing being predicated on waste– B2B revenue teams need to embrace social selling to help hit their targets.

In this episode, Alex delves into the buyer/seller misalignment and sheds light on how social selling can bridge this gap and empower revenue teams to overcome their major challenges. He explains what social selling actually means and how you can stand out as a trusted advisor to not only initiate meaningful conversations but also create a presence that attracts inbound conversations.

Getting to the heart of social selling, Alex explains how every like and comment is an opportunity to engage in a conversation and how to take that next action. He also discusses how to scale social selling, what to measure, where it should sit within the organization, how to get started, what content to create, and how to meaningfully engage with your network.

Meet Alex

Alex has 30-year sales career spanning three continents, 23 years in business-to-business sales & marketing. One thing has remained constant in Alex’s career, and that is the ownership of pipeline development, the lifeblood of every business.
Since leaving the corporate world almost 4 years ago, Alex has been testing outbound prospecting strategies and has found what works (and what doesn’t). More importantly he has the data to back it up, with almost a year of benchmark data tracked from a range of clients and associates with different levels of sales experience, from a junior SDR to a senior leader – he now has what’s been missing, which is social selling performance benchmark data.

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