Hana Jacover on Solving Complex Marketing Challenges in 2021

Hana Jacover on Solving Complex Marketing Challenges in 2021

Solving complex marketing and marketing ops challenges is hard. One of the biggest issues is aligning marketing and sales processes. However, without a part-art, part-science approach to demand generation, you’re not likely to achieve it. We’re tackling this and more with one of B2B marketing’s rising stars.

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Podcast Episode Summary

In this episode, Madkudu‘s Director of Demand Generation, Hana Jacover joins Oktopost’s Director of Social Strategy, Jennifer Gutman to talk openly about some of the industry’s greatest marketing and marketing ops challenges. She even dives into the mindset, skillset and toolset needed to solve them.

Opening the show with a reminder that a proper handover from marketing to sales should be just that, a handover, NOT a handoff, Hana provides incredible insight into balancing data and creativity to influence pipeline, full-funnel nurturing, and lead management.

This is helpful listening for anyone in marketing but should be required listening for anyone in marketing ops, marketing leaders who want to bridge the gap between sales and marketing and any individual looking to learn more about successful demand generation.

More About Hana Jacover

With 9 years of building best-in-class demand gen engines for B2B tech companies, Hana has incredible insight, experience, and intuition when it comes to solving some of the most complex marketing and marketing ops challenges in the industry. She specializes in acquisition tactics, full-funnel nurturing, lead qualification, and lead management.

Taking a part-art-part-science, approach to demand generation planning and execution has allowed Hana to uniquely balances data and creativity to bring forth solutions and strategies that yield full-funnel conversions and influenced pipeline.

With a leadership style centered around empathy, growth, and authenticity, Hana believes that the people pillar is one of the most powerful that a business has. She strives to bridge any and all gaps between this and other crucial pillars in an organization like technology and processes.

She now brings this experience to her role at MadKudu, where she heads up demand generation efforts. You can also find her teaching sales operation science classes to GreenFig University learners, as well as using her voice to advocate for and uplift BIPOC and women in tech.

She is an active Women In Revenue committee member and also a founding member of DemandGen Report’s Demanding Diversity Council.

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