Julia Shullman on the Silver Linings of Data Privacy Regulation

Julia Shullman on the Silver Linings of Data Privacy Regulation

Julia Shullman, General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer at TripleLift takes the hot seat today.

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Meet Julia Shullman

Julia is General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer at TripleLift. She oversees the company’s legal matters and is responsible for ensuring that TripleLift’s technology, practices, and procedures meet global privacy requirements. She is also responsible for driving the company’s go-to-market privacy and public policy strategy.

Prior to TripleLift, Julia held senior positions at AppNexus, as lead attorney for its Publisher Technology Group and as Chief Privacy Counsel.

In these roles, Julia served as a member of the teams that launched the AppNexus Ad Server Prebid.js and that pushed the industry to standardize GDPR compliance. Julia is involved in developing and setting industry standards and regularly presents on privacy, legal, and policy-related challenges facing the online advertising industry.

Episode Summary

Data privacy has become one of marketing’s biggest challenges. New privacy laws require a new way of interacting with buyers. Brands are being forced to get more personal as consumers demand a more individualized experience from each brand they interact with, despite being more cautious about sharing their data.

On this podcast episode, Julia Shullman explains why that’s such a good thing.

Acknowledging and disclosing the significant challenges for marketers as privacy concerns increase, Julia talks through some silver linings for the B2B marketing industry as a whole. Not missing a beat, she dives into how personal data collection has become so deeply tied into the consumer’s digital experience and busts some of the fake news around data privacy regulations and their impact on B2B business activities. She even forecasts what the future of “identity” or lack thereof will look like in the near future.

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