Winning Advocacy Strategies and Embracing AI with Rhonda Hughes
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Winning Advocacy Strategies and Embracing AI with Rhonda Hughes

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Episode Summary

There’s no denying that AI is reshaping how marketers approach their content strategy. While some debate the drawbacks of these widespread tools, our upcoming guest believes that it’s actually helping content professionals stand out and break through the noise!

In this episode of Radically Transparent, Rhonda Hughes, Vice President of Corporate Marketing for Mural, shares her positive outlook on AI tools like Chat GPT while emphasizing the importance of media literacy.

With over 17 years of marketing experience, she not only shares her perspective on how AI is impacting content as a whole but delves into where it plays a role in social strategy. As many social media professionals do not have formal copywriting training, these platforms can offer handy copywriting skills and different perspectives.

Having launched 4 successful employee advocacy programs, Rhonda even breaks down what makes a winning program. She believes you must remain employee-centric and view advocacy as a means of helping your employees find relevant content that will be interesting and valuable in their feeds.

The way I’ve always gone into it is how do we build a program that’s going to help the business, but also help employees build themselves up professionally.”

She wraps the show by discussing the several ways she likes to measure advocacy, including total social actions, which she explains as engagements, plus all the other things. Highlighting the importance of analyzing what action is coming from the content we are putting into the world.

Hot Topics of this Episode Include:

  • Where AI fits in content and social media marketing
  • The common denominators in winning employee advocacy programs
  • How you should be measuring the impact of your employee advocacy efforts

Meet Rhonda

Rhonda Hughes is currently serving as the Vice President of Corporate Marketing for Mural. She’s a storyteller and connector of people and ideas with 17+ years of experience helping brands build connections with their audiences. Rhonda has a knack for pushing boundaries to create new value and inspiring teams to build fresh, fun, engaging content, social media campaigns, and programs.

Her approach is simple of creating value, not noise has earned recognition from Business Insider, Mashable, Hubspot, Sprout Social, KISSmetrics and snagged her a spot on North Bay’s 40 under 40 “Ones to Watch” list and listed among the “Top 50 Women in Content”.

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