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Accelo Generates $40,000 in Annual Revenue with Employee Advocacy

INBOUND 2017 conference
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Founded in 2011, Accelo is the smart technology platform that gets you back to doing the work you love by automating and streamlining your operations into one, integrated system.

As a SaaS company, Accelo has many employees who maintain several touchpoints with customers throughout the buyer journey. These connections play a crucial role in ensuring that customers are always informed of Accelo's latest updates, thought leadership pieces, and even conference exhibits.


INBOUND is an annual, world-leading marketing conference held in Boston, featuring renowned authors, CEOs, and nothing less than the former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. As the company attending and sponsoring such a magnificent event, Accelo required a bulletproof social media strategy - one that would get its message across to the greater social media universe.

Considering that the majority of its employees were already actively posting company content, implementing a formal employee advocacy strategy was a no-brainer. Nonetheless, Accelo faced two major concerns: being able to manage and distribute large-scale content to employees so they can easily share it, and measuring the impact of employees' activities. Both tasks were done manually by Accelo's marketing team, which made it extremely time-consuming and tedious for them.


Managing an employee advocacy program and addressing conference goals at the same time, is no easy task. Hence, Accelo needed to prepare things in advance. With Oktopost's unified social employee advocacy solution, Accelo's marketing team was able to schedule a full pipeline of conference-related content prior to the conference. This ensured that the conference team could focus on real-time networking and lead collection, while technology handled their online presence.

Amplified Reach through Advocates

Booth awareness and lead generation were Accelo's ultimate employee advocacy goals. Throughout the conference, employees from sales, marketing and customer success could simply go into their Oktopost app and access plenty of ready-made posts. All they had to do was hit 'share' to their personal profiles.

As a result, employees helped to reach thousands of professionals and increase the buzz around Accelo's booth. In fact, word-of-mouth spread so quickly that Accelo had to open its doors extra early due to the long line of people waiting outside the event.

Complete Measurability of Advocacy Results

During the conference, employee advocacy appeared like a huge success; content reach blew through the roof and conference attendees were aware of Accelo's product without having to speak to a company representative. But without real numbers, how can you truly determine the ROI?

With Oktopost's Social Analytics, Accelo could take a deep dive into their employee advocacy performance - from impressions to clicks, and leads generated by employees. With a click of a button, they could also access granular reports, which can be customized and exported for upper management.


Employee advocacy indeed helped Accelo outperform its conference objectives. From the perspective of brand awareness and engagement, employee-powered sharing under the #INBOUND17 hashtag helped to generate 12K more impressions and over 1,000 clicks during the conference.

But at the end of the day, Accelo's main goal was to drive trials for its product; impressions and engagement are secondary KPIs. In fact, employee advocacy helped Accelo generate thousands of dollars in additional annual revenue. This impressive number not only justifies the value of employee advocacy as a B2B strategy but also the ROI of the conference itself.

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