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ArcherPoint Achieves an 18% Lower Website Bounce Rate via Social Media

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Founded in 2002, ArcherPoint, is a 100% employee-owned organization and a global Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, providing modern workplace solutions including Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics NAV, Azure, Microsoft 365, and Power Platform to companies throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe.


With a strong lead funnel supported by their web content and backed up by Marketo and Salesforce, one of ArcherPoint's main concerns was drawing visitors towards the top of the funnel. Although ArcherPoint generated tons of clicks for its social content, the amount of conversations garnered was relatively low while the cost for those conversions was dramatically high.

In order to improve the effectiveness of its lead generation efforts, ArcherPoint needed a tool that could not only track conversions on social media, but also help its marketing team discover which social campaigns and networks are having the greatest impact on their bottom line.


As a platform tailored specifically to the needs and goals of B2B companies on social media, Oktopost packs all of the rich features and insights needed for ArcherPoint to measure and optimize their social strategy. Today, the company embraces Oktopost to build, monitor, and track sophisticated B2B marketing programs, all of which are centered around one goal - lead generation.

New Product Release

By tracking their content's success on a campaign and network-level, ArcherPoint discovered that LinkedIn was its top-performing network, compared to Facebook, with an impressive 816% post-to-click rate. Having this insight now allows the company to allocate its social resources more effectively.

Blog Ideas

Gone are the days of bottom-up content creation. With Oktopost's social listening feature, ArcherPoint can monitor competitors, keywords, and industry trends to identify topics that resonate with its audience. In doing so, they can craft content tailored to their customers' interests and thereby increase conversions.

Employee Advocacy

Lead generation efforts don't end on corporate channels. Oktopost makes it extremely effortless for ArcherPoint's sales representatives and recruiters to share pre-approved content with their followers, which helps the company amplify its reach to an even more targeted audience territory.


While clicks are a strong engagement metric, conversions are a real success indicator of any B2B marketing strategy. Using Oktopost, ArcherPoint are able to optimize the content they create as well as the mediums they use to share it on. As a result, they reach a much more receptive and qualified pool of audiences, which ultimately increases their conversion rates.

Since adopting Oktopost as their social media management tool, ArcherPoint has seen a 171% increase in the number of website sessions, 22% higher-than-average pages/session from social media leads, and a 29% higher-than-average session duration from social media leads.

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