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Burwood Increases Conversions 4X with the Oktopost-HubSpot Integration

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Burwood Group is a consulting firm that bridges business strategy and technology solutions. It specializes in IT management and infrastructure solutions that exhibit true business value through mitigating risk and increasing efficiency and productivity. Burwood Group partners with leading technology and service organizations to provide tailored product and industry solutions, ensuring an optimal fit for each client.

Streamlining Employee Advocacy & SMM

Burwood Group had an ongoing employee advocacy program, but it required a lot of effort on both sides: a program coordinator copied posts from the corporate accounts and sent out via email, while advocates had to natively share brand content on their feeds and then input post-level analytics into a shared Excel file. It was difficult to maintain and too time-consuming for Burwood's employees.

Thus, when the company started looking for a new social media management software, a built-in employee advocacy tool was one of the hard requirements. In addition, Burwood Group wanted to have advanced reporting capabilities and a direct integration with HubSpot, their marketing automation platform. While these requirements sound reasonable, not many of our competitors offer a single solution that caters to all of these needs - that has made Oktopost the ideal choice.

Connecting Social Media to Business Goals

Burwood's social media strategy is a combination of everything: increasing brand awareness, building thought leadership, and creating a sustainable company culture with engaged and happy employees. Burwood Group wants to let the world know that it's an innovative IT company run by real people, relatable and personable.

Another key part of the company's social strategy is lead generation - pulling new prospects from social media into nurture streams to generate marketing-qualified leads. With Oktopost, Burwood Group has started to see success in generating social media conversions that increase the lead pipeline for sales.

Utilizing Social Selling with Employee Advocacy

For Burwood, Oktopost takes away a lot of manual work: the marketing team creates and curates content within the social publishing module and then copies it over to the employee advocacy board, in one click.

Oktopost makes it easier for advocates to share company content. Our employees are very busy and don't always have time to worry about social media. With easy access to Oktopost, where all content is available right on the home dashboard, advocates can quickly share a post and they are good to go. That's what really sold us on Oktopost.

Most of the company's advocates are in the sales department. And for them, the program and Oktopost's capabilities have been instrumental in exploring new ways to attract leads and stay in touch with potential customers.

When onboarding new advocates, Burwood emphasizes the importance of increasing your personal brand awareness and becoming a thought leader within the industry. How you market yourself on social media can make a difference between a good salesperson and a great one.

Measuring Social and Integrating with HubSpot

The HubSpot integration was paramount for Burwood, as they just adopted this marketing automation platform. In addition to Oktopost's built-in conversion and UTM tracking, our robust HubSpot integration has helped the marketing team to track how their contacts engage with Burwood's social content while attributing new leads to social channels.

Burwood shares a lot of MOFU (middle of the funnel) and BOFU (bottom of the funnel) marketing resources - from whitepapers to guides to workshops - that target the company's leads and prospects. With Oktopost, the marketing team can sync social engagement data with HubSpot. Further, they can use this data for building more advanced nurturing and scoring programs to accelerate marketing-qualified leads.

Oktopost has helped us tie it all together, creating a seamless workflow between social media activity and HubSpot nurturing streams. We've been able to identify previously unknown prospects on social media and help our sales team connect with them.

Bringing Visibility to Social Media Performance

Before Oktopost, Burwood didn't have a defined reporting strategy and KPIs for social media. This was another important goal for the company. Social media was a blind spot that's hard to measure or connect to any of the marketing activities.

Oktopost provides access to a wide range of metrics, including conversion, link clicks, top engaging content and more, which has helped Burwood's marketing team bring visibility to social media performance.

Additionally, the company was able to identify and prioritize LinkedIn based on Oktopost's social analytics. Most of their conversions happen on this network where Burwood is the most active today, publishing up to three posts daily and interacting with the audience.

From Increased Data Visibility to Increasing Conversions

Burwood Group has increased the number of social media engagements and followers almost by 30% compared to before they started using Oktopost. The social CTR went up 80%.

More importantly, the company has seen a staggering 400% increase in social conversions. This wouldn't be possible without Oktopost that allowed Burwood's marketing team to streamline social media management and employee advocacy, report on the results and attribute new conversions to social.

I'd definitely recommend Oktopost to other technology companies: it's so important to establish your social media presence and advocate for your brand online, especially in our industry. Investing in Oktopost has helped us align our social media strategy with our key marketing goal of finding and engaging with new prospects.

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