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Fujitsu Gains a 360% ROI in 6 Months with Employee Advocacy

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Fujitsu is the leading Japanese global information and communication technology (ICT) company, offering a full range of technology products, solutions and services to help you digitalize with confidence. Fujitsu uses its experience and the power of ICT to shape the future of society with customers in more than 100 countries.


Given that the majority of its employees were already sharing company content across social media, Fujitsu had the basic foundation of an employee advocacy program. Moving forward, the company faced two major setbacks.

Firstly, employees found it extremely difficult and time-consuming to discover and share relevant content. Secondly, Fujitsu didn't have an accurate way of measuring the impact and value of an advocacy program.


Looking to take a serious step in rolling out a formal employee advocacy program on a global scale, Fujitsu's Senior Manager of Global Digital Marketing, Daniel Klaus turned to Oktopost's solution for its ease-of-use and in-depth analytics.

Win-Win for Marketers & Employees

In order to encourage employee advocates to consistently share the right content across their personal networks, Fujitsu needed a simplified process. The Oktopost Advocacy Board makes it extremely easy for marketers to provide fresh content, and for advocates to promote it.

Anywhere they go, whether on mobile or desktop, advocates can log in to the Board and discover fresh posts, which they can share immediately or schedule for later. Within seconds, employees can filter the Board by network, topics, and verticals to find the right content for their audience.

Advanced Reporting Across the Program

Employees are the driving force behind Fujitsu's marketing, but the only way to back up their performance, contribution, and value is by using the right tool and KPI's. Oktopost's social analytics allow Fujitsu to measure its advocacy program in full detail - from reach to the number of clicks generated.

What's even more helpful is the breakdown of these metrics by networks, messages, or campaigns. The result is more granular reporting and evaluation of the program's success in relation to other marketing activities, such as corporate social media and paid social ads.


From the beginning, Oktopost catered to the limitations and objectives of Fujitsu, enabling it to successfully onboard hundreds of employee advocates who are now an integral part of the company's marketing strategy.

Within 6 months of using the Oktopost platform, employees shared 10X more posts, increasing Fujitsu's social reach by 70%. To top it off, Fujitsu also concluded that for the same money spent on paid social, employee advocacy gave them 3.6 times better ROI value.

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