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Kapost Significantly Grows Its B2B Marketing Efforts

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Kapost helps marketers elevate their content out of the complexity through a comprehensive content marketing platform, expert consulting, and proprietary benchmarks so they can deliver value, not just volume.


With a small marketing team, the main challenge Kapost faced was managing and optimizing their content strategy across multiple social networks. Before Oktopost, their social media team worked with tools that were too focused on the needs of consumer brands, along with metrics that reflected this. The functionalities needed to target their messages to a B2B audience were not available, making it difficult to expand their reach and grow a social media presence.


As an early adopter of a social media management platform, Kapost immediately saw that Oktopost was geared towards the needs and goals of B2B marketers. Oktopost's focus on lead generation allows Kapost's marketing team to segment content in a sophisticated way, track valuable metrics across campaigns, and incorporate employee advocacy as a tool for reaching qualified prospects.

Employee Advocacy

Today, Kapost has 81 employees who are actively sharing company content to their personal networks. Overall, employees are extremely engaged thanks to the Leaderboard, where they can track their own performance and identify program leaders. Kapost now plans to segment their content by department to make employee advocacy a team-oriented effort.

Campaign Tracking

With a plethora of B2B content and multiple Twitter handles, Kapost uses the Social Campaigns to easily arrange, categorize, and most importantly, track every post's performance around a specific marketing goal. This allows for greater insights into where leads are coming from, and how marketing dollars should be spent.

A/B Testing

In order to optimize every social media post, Kapost uses tags to A/B test specific elements of their messaging. This enables them to zero in on what language, images, and hashtags result in the highest conversions - their most important metric.


Kapost now has complete control and a complete understanding of their social media presence. The insights gained through Oktopost's social media analytics have enabled them to optimize each social media campaign and each individual post.

With employees helping to boost their reach and their content fully optimized through B2B-specific analytics, Kapost is operating an efficient marketing machine. Despite their limited marketing budget and resources, Kapost managed to mobilize their employees as a powerful lead generation tool, which represents 27% of social engagement and 16% of conversions.

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