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Panaya Generates a 23% Conversion Rate on Social Media

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Technology & Software
Tel Aviv, Israel
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With Panaya, organizations can accelerate application change and continuous delivery of innovation. Panaya provides cloud based test management, test automation and application lifecycle management solutions that ensure collaboration between Business and IT. Enabling faster release velocity while ensuring quality, Panaya delivers an optimized user experience with end-to-end visibility of the application lifecycle.


Panaya creates various types of content to educate, engage, and nurture three different target personas. However, delivering these messages to the right persona, at the right time, across various social networks, requires a great deal of time and effort.

Once this distinct content has been created, it then becomes Panaya's challenge to reach separate audiences in multiple time zones. With only one person responsible for the company's social media presence, distributing all of this content, on a global scale, becomes time-consuming.


As marketing resources were limited, Panaya needed to adopt a platform that would simplify content distribution to spare time for crafting effective content. Luckily, Oktopost's social media management platform streamlines Panaya's social media strategy, making it easier to target three target audiences with a range of content.

With Oktopost, Panaya's social media manager can connect multiple networks, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, schedule tons of content in advance, and track performance to grow a bigger social community and improve ROI.

Schedule Content in Seconds

Thanks to Oktopost's powerful Autoposter, Panaya can save hours each day by scheduling content days, weeks, or months in advance, across multiple channels. This expansive coverage ensures maximum social visibility for reaching Panaya's global audience.

Improve Management with Campaigns

Customization in social media campaigns is key for increasing conversions. Panaya can use this feature to tailor every individual message to different audiences based on geographic location, product offering or issues faced by prospects.

Measure Metrics that Matter

Beyond likes and shares, Panaya can examine which posts are successful in generating clicks and conversions, enabling them to prioritize their efforts and resources more effectively. These results can be further broken down by campaigns, profiles, and specific posts.


One campaign, which ran from December 8, 2013 to January 23, 2014, achieved a 23% conversion rate, 191 clicks, and 45 conversions! Those are some extraordinary results considering that the campaign contained only 45 posts and was active during the holiday season - a time when most individuals are less active on social.

Oktopost is invaluable for tracking leads and analyzing the value of our social media activities. This enables us to ensure that our social media campaigns are effective, fully optimized, and reach the right people, at the right time.

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