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Socedo Enriches Marketo Programs with Social Data

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Founded in 2012, Socedo provides a SaaS solution that helps B2B marketers find more leads continuously on social media, engage them on Twitter, and add new contacts to their email marketing campaigns. Socedo values data and believes in using it to drive seamless, engaging, and personalized customer experiences across every channel.


In order to launch effective Marketo campaigns, Socedo relied on three key data sources: website, email, and CRM. However, Socedo understood that Marketo was missing critical behavioral insights from social media. Essentially, any lead or prospect activity taken on social media (in particular, clicks and conversions) was not being tracked by Marketo.

Additionally, Marketo was blind to social engagement with third-party content - namely, curated content from social media. Failing to track social behavioral data in Marketo meant that Socedo had an incomplete picture of their lead journeys, which hindered its nurturing, scoring, and attribution programs.


Oktopost enables Socedo to track lead engagement across all social channels and automatically feed this data into Marketo, without any manual input. Using the abundance of social intelligence, Socedo is able to personalize its lead nurturing campaigns, enhance its lead scoring model, and improve accuracy of lead attribution.

Advanced Lead Scoring

Prior to using Oktopost, Socedo was scoring leads based on first-party activities like website visits and content downloads. But over a 30-day period, Socedo discovered that leads took an average of 6.4 social actions, but only opened 1.4 emails and visited 3 website pages.

Given these findings, Socedo redesigned its scoring model to prioritize social engagement. For example, any known leads that click a social post, whether it's on Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin, get 15 points.

Highly Accurate Lead Attribution

Before the Oktopost-Marketo integration, Socedo attributed 4% of its MQLs to the wrong source. For example, if a lead converted through a webinar form, then the website would receive all the credit.

Although 4% seems like an insignificant number, it represents thousands of leads that had been misattributed. With 24.9% of leads having taken relevant social actions each month, Socedo shifted its lead attribution model to give more credit to social media.

Hyper-Personalized Lead Nurturing

At the top of the funnel, whenever leads show high interest in a certain content topic by frequently clicking on it, Socedo can trigger a Marketo email campaign with content around the same topic.

At the bottom of the funnel, Socedo's SDR team uses social data to personalize their conversations with leads, at scale. Any relevant social actions (such as clicking or tweeting about industry topics) get pushed into Salesforce, where the SDR team can use these insights to formulate a personal outreach email.


By integrating Oktopost with Marketo, Socedo can leverage social data to revamp its existing Marketo programs. The new scoring model delivers 24% more MQLs to the SDR team - these are leads which come directly from social media and ultimately close at a 22% higher rate than leads that come from website visits and email engagement alone.

Socedo's new nurture campaigns based on social data, generate a 50% higher CTR and 50% higher open rates than Socedo's typical nurture emails. Furthermore, once the SDR team started referencing buyers' social actions in their emails, their response rate doubled.

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