Oktopost + Facebook Ads

About Facebook Ads

Facebook provides a powerful advertising products that let businesses and organisations connect with the people who are most likely to be interested in their products and services. Advertisers define who they want to reach based on factors such as interests, age, and location – and build a multi-channel ad experience across Facebook and Instagram.

Integration Benefits

The more you know about your audience and how they engage with your content, the better you can deliver an optimal ad experience that leads to conversion. With the Oktopost-Facebook integration, marketers can leverage social media data to improve their Facebook Retargeting results and pays less for each conversion.

More specifically, you can leverage the integration to reach two types of audiences with personalized content:

Reach Socially-Engaged Audiences

Retarget audiences who click on any social post, regardless of which network they engaged on or whether the post links to a third-party website.

Reach New, Qualified Audiences

Tap a bigger–and highly relevant– audience territory, by remarketing to individuals who are highly engaged with content shared by employee advocates.

"Our prospects are highly engaged and the conversion rates on our own campaigns are higher than usual."

Rafi Kretchmer
VP Marketing, Panaya

Panaya Generates a 23% Conversion Rate on Social Media

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What's next?

Learn how B2B enterprise companies use the Oktopost-Facebook integration to reach their social media goals.

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