Oktopost Integrates with TikTok to Scale B2B Social Media Management. Read all about it!
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Sugar Market social media integration

Sugar Market recommends Oktopost's social media management platform as the best fit for their B2B customers.

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The Oktopost<>Sugar Market integration empowers B2B marketing teams with unique and detailed social insights, increasing the overall value and effectiveness of marketing automation.

With Oktopost, you can improve your marketing programs within Sugar Market and build highly targeted nurturing campaigns. The more insight you have on prospects, the more effective you can be in creating campaigns that move buyers through the funnel.

Key Benefits

About Sugar Market

Sugar Market, a SugarCRM company is a leading provider of SaaS-based marketing automation software for the B2B market, offering a complete platform for marketers to automate key processes for lead and demand generation.

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