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Oktopost For HubSpot Agency Partners

The HubSpot Apps for Agency Services Program provides HubSpot Platinum and Diamond Agency Partners the opportunity to deliver more value to their clients through access to HubSpot Certified Connect Partners software.

How does it work?

As HubSpot Connect Partners, Oktopost will provide HubSpot Platinum and Diamond partners that are interested in participating and learning about how to position and sell our products, with a fully-packed instance of Oktopost at no cost. Agency partners will be required to co-sell Oktopost to at least one client in the first year of signing up. Want to learn more?

Social media leads
Certified HubSpot Connect Partner

Leverage Social Engagement Data in HubSpot

With Oktopost, HubSpot users will gain access to social engagement data they never had before – right within their Timeline Events. They can then leverage it to build highly-targeted lead scoring, nurturing, segmentation, and attribution programs.

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More Than 80% of HubSpot customers Are B2B Companies

By partnering with Oktopost, your marketing agency can offer a wide range of social media management services for B2B customers.

Social Media Management

Gain access to a simple yet robust social media management suite designed for your B2B clients' needs.

Social Employee Advocacy

Leverage Oktopost to easily build and maintain a successful social employee advocacy program for your clients.

HubSpot Integration

Enhance your HubSpot lead scoring, nurturing, attribution, and workflows with social engagement data.

Social Promotions

Get creative with dozens of interactive social media marketing campaigns - to boost your clients' lead generation efforts.

Social Listening

Streamline your clients' B2B marketing communications to deliver a smarter, faster, and more personal customer experience on social media.

Social Analytics

Measure the impact of every post, network, and campaign with rich social media analytics – designed to show your clients the true ROI of social media.

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