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Social Media Governance

Easily manage your global social media teams

Stay productive, secure, and compliant on social media with Oktopost's enterprise governance features.

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Roles & Permissions grid

Roles & Permissions

Decide who gets access to what

Determine what users can do and see in your social media management platform.

From admin to read-only mode, create custom roles to secure your social media data.

Team Management

Support global teams and divisions

Manage teams across different locations, languages, and brands from one account.

Define groups of users with common access to specific social media profiles, campaigns, and platform settings.

Team management
Global Workflow tool screenshot Global Workflow tool screenshot

Ensure compliance with industry regulations

Include all stakeholders in the approval process to make sure your social content is compliant with the healthcare industry regulations.

With our social governance features, you can develop and apply social media guidelines across your organization.

Banned Keywords

Adhere to company standards on social media

From competitor names to defamatory language, some things shouldn't be posted to social media.

Ban specific keywords and phrases in advance to prevent employees from misusing your corporate accounts.

Keyword adding dashboard

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