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Marketing Agencies

One powerful platform for all your accounts

Discover how Oktopost helps marketing agencies build and execute successful social media strategies for their B2B clients.

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Marketing Agencies
Simplified social media management

Simplified social media management at scale

Oktopost is a robust social media management platform tailored to the needs of your clients. With our powerful SMM tools, you can seamlessly plan and publish social media content across multiple accounts, social profiles and networks.

Expand organic reach with employee advocacy

Build and maintain a successful social employee advocacy program for your clients. Deliver the most relevant content to company advocates, measure engagement and connect advocacy to wider marketing goals.

Successful social employee advocacy program
Influencer marketing chart Influencer marketing chart

Leverage social data to deliver meaningful insights

Connect Oktopost to your clients' marketing stack to build programs based on social media engagement data and report on how social campaigns drive growth

Social media conversations

Tap into relevant social media conversation

Help your clients deliver a smarter, faster, and more personal customer experience on social media. Leverage social intelligence to stay on top of conversations that impact their brand.

Demonstrate success, prove you social ROI

With Oktopost Analytics, you can measure the impact of every post, network, and campaign with rich social media analytics – designed to help you demonstrate your clients the true ROI of social media.

ROI changes chart

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Discover how Oktopost can help you build, execute and measure a successful B2B social media strategy.

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