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Get the most value from your social media marketing

Discover how Oktopost helps B2B companies save time, measure ROI, and turn social engagement into meaningful insights.

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Boost your social media productivity

Boost your social media productivity

No more tedious social media management tasks. Seamlessly plan, approve, schedule and publish your social content in one place, with campaigns, automated workflows and other powerful B2B tools

Leverage social data across your marketing stack

Connect Oktopost to your clients' marketing stack to build programs based on social media engagement data and report on how your social campaigns drive growth for their business.

Leverage social data across your marketing stack

Amplify your brand through employee advocacy

Use your biggest asset, your team, to boost your social presence and build relationships with prospects. With a suite of robust features, Oktopost makes social advocacy an effortless, rewarding and measurable experience for businesses and employees alike.

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Streamline reporting and prove your ROI

When investing your time and effort into social media marketing, you want to be able to see and measure the outcome. With our Social BI, you can report on social media just like you do with other marketing channels and easily prove your ROI.

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