Social media management

Execute a solid B2B social media strategy by publishing content at scale, engaging with audiences, and measuring valuable performance metrics.

Simplified Social Publishing

Maximize your social media presence

Effortlessly manage, organize, and schedule large volumes of social content across multiple profiles, networks, and campaigns.

Social Campaigns

Arrange, publish, and measure every social post around a specific marketing activity.

Editorial Calendar

A drag & drop calendar for easily editing and moving posts across multiple campaigns and networks.

Smart Scheduling

Quickly schedule content at the most optimal times, while filling up any gaps in your calendar.

Content Curation

Instantly discover and share the latest industry news and insights from around the web without leaving Oktopost.

Simplified Social Publishing

Maximize your social media presence

Effortlessly manage, organize, and schedule large volumes of social content across multiple profiles, networks, and campaigns.

Lead Attribution

Track conversions from specific social posts, channels, profiles, and campaigns.

Post-Level Analytics

View top-performing links, keywords, multi-media, and hashtags to optimize your content strategy

Employee Advocacy

Build a data-driven employee advocacy program with detailed activity and performance metrics.

Powerful Reports

Demonstrate audience, engagement, and lead generation metrics through stunning reports.

Audience Insights

Measure follower growth, mentions, and click demographics to discover new audience trends.

Engagement Metrics

Understand which content drives clicks, comments, shares, and more – with simplified charts.

Data Portability

Leverage social data across marketing automation, CRM, and BI platforms to drive higher ROI.

BI Integration

Connect your social analytics data with any enterprise BI solution for consolidated reporting.

Powerful Social Listening

Deliver a smarter, faster, and more personal customer experience

Engage with customers at all times, ensuring that every interaction comes from the right person, at the right time.


Track relevant keywords, mentions, and competitor pages in real-time - to surface what matters and weed out the rest.


Assign social conversations to relevant team members - ensuring timely and personal interactions.


Bring every mention, comment, and direct message into one place to provide eddicient customer support.

Audit & Improve

Manage all inbound and outbound conversations. Keep track of who replied, assigned, completed, or left a note on a message.

Sociomantic Executes a Highly Segmented Social Media Strategy

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Robust Social Management

A single platform for
managing global teams

Give employees intuitive tools to stay productive, secure, and compliant on social.

Roles & Permissions

Determine what users can do and see in your Oktopost account with custom user permissions.

Team Management

Support global teams and divisions with common access to specific profiles, campaigns, and settings.

Social Compliance

Adhere to company standards by banning inappropriate keywords on social.

Crisis Management

In case of an emergency, pause all social activities and assign employees to be in charge.

Account Security

Set password restrictions and session rules for users and advocates.

UTM Tagging

Automatically append query parameters to any link you share on social.

Single Sign-on

Give employees a single password & username to secure your data.

Content Approvals

Plan content more effectively by allowing teammates to submit messages for approval.

"Oktopost has brought Sociomantic's global social media efforts into one place for transparency and focused planning. Our marketing team can manage unified campaigns, and then receive reports about which campaigns worked and where they were most effective."

Sarah Joy Lynch
VP Marketing, Sociomantic

Connect social media to your B2B enterprise goals

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