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One single platform for social media

Oktopost's B2B social media management solutions help you drive engagement, measure success, and link social media campaigns to revenue growth.

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B2B social media management platform

Harness the full potential of social media

Use Oktopost's comprehensive B2B social media management solutions to publish, measure, and engage, all from one platform.

social media publishing calendar

Plan, create, and schedule your social content at scale

Use Oktopost to streamline your social publishing and creative process with a robust social media calendar, easy-to-use approval workflows, and powerful AI tools for maximum impact.

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social analytics

Analyze the impact of every post, campaign and network

Access data that matters to your business with our Social BI. Build custom dashboards and track actionable metrics that span across engagement, acquisition and audience insights. Translate your social media success into meaningful business metrics to prove your ROI.

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social media conversation

Understand the conversations around your brand to fuel your brand strategy

Use Oktopost's AI-powered social listening solution to track every post on social media and across the web. Cut through the noise and understand the conversations around your brand, competitors, and industry to make informed decisions that impact your brand communication strategy.

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social media leads

Engage with customers and deliver a personalized experience, all from one place

Quickly respond to every interaction with your brand. Bring every mention, comment, and direct message from your social media channels into one unified inbox. Manage people and accounts who engage with you, and connect the data with your CRM and marketing automation platform for a seamless customer experience.

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Employee Advocacy

Amplify your brand beyond corporate channels

Empower employees with industry-relevant content to position them as thought leaders and grow your brand. Use Oktopost's built-in employee advocacy solution to easily share content with your team, create fun competitions, and measure the impact on the business.

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Employee advocacy
Social media integrations

Leverage social across your marketing tech stack

Enhance the customer experience and maximize social media potential by seamlessly connecting Oktopost data into your CRM, marketing automation, business intelligence tools, and more.

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Social Selling

Empower your sales team on social media

Oktopost equips sales teams with the tools to effectively engage with customers on social media, build stronger relationships, and win more business.

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