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Seamlessly strategize, validate, and time your social posts

Streamline your social media management and reach out to a wider B2B audience. Simplify your creative processes, speed up approval workflows, and optimize post timing for maximum impact.

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social analytics

Analyze the impact of every post, campaign and network

Access data that matters to your business with our Social BI. Build custom dashboards and track actionable metrics that span across engagement, acquisition and audience insights. Translate your social media success into meaningful business metrics to prove your ROI.

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social media conversation

Stay on top of every social conversation that impacts your brand

Engage with your prospects and customers on social media and deliver a better customer experience. With Oktopost, you can tap into conversations around relevant topics and leverage social intelligence to uncover industry trends.

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social media leads

Achieve an all-encompassing perspective of your customer interactions

Transform the way you engage on social media, capturing and analyzing the critical dynamics between your audience and your content. Our platform turns social signals into valuable insights, enriching lead scoring and providing real-time alerts on prospect engagement. Stay updated with first-party social intent, enhancing your understanding of your customers and prospects.

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Employee Advocacy

Grow your company's reach beyond corporate channels

Empower your employees to become thought leaders and harness the power of their voices on social media. Build a strong employer brand and promote social selling with Oktopost’s built-in employee advocacy tool.

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ACI Worldwide realizes a 300% traffic increase with employee advocacy

Learn how ACI Worldwide, a global leader in banking and payment solutions, is boosting brand awareness on social media with Oktopost.

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Burwood Group uses organic social media to 4X conversions

Learn how Burwood Group, an IT consulting firm, implemented integrated marketing campaigns to exceed KPIs.

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Leverage Your First Party Social Intent Data to be in the Conversations That Matter

With Oktopost, tap into the full potential of your social interactions. Streamline sales strategies, enhance processes, and fuel customer engagement, all while leveraging your prospect's data. Join the transformative shift that positions social media as an integral part of your B2B sales approach.

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